Retro Geometric Turkish Rug
Retro Geometric Turkish Rug
Retro Geometric Turkish Rug
Retro Geometric Turkish Rug
Retro Geometric Turkish Rug
Retro Geometric Turkish Rug
Retro Geometric Turkish Rug
Retro Geometric Turkish Rug
Retro Geometric Turkish Rug
Retro Geometric Turkish Rug

Retro Geometric Turkish Rug

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Product Description

Imagine this "Retro Turkish Rug" that will add a different atmosphere to your home/office !

This elegant Machine-Washable floor rug with Ethnic Geometric Turkish Kilim design;

• Looks great displayed with other Retro/Turkish Kilim/Ethnic/Abstract home/office decors.
• Digital printed.
• Made of Cotton. (Cotton is hypoallergenic and does not promote the growth of dust mites and bacteria making it a healthier choice for your home.)
• Thickness 0.3 inch.approx. (7 mm) Thanks to its slim design, it can easily fit under doors.
• These rugs do not have fringes.
• Have a lint-free surface that is resistant to dust, dirt and water,
• Have a soft and comfortable woven base with 1350 g cotton sole per square meter, 150 g velvet cotton fabric and 2.5 millimeter Eurosan 1st quality sponge content.
• Its soleplate is non-shedding and odor-free.
• Do not fade due to washing and use.
• Suitable for daily use indoor and outdoor.
• It is antibacterial and antiallergic. People who are allergic to house dust mites and asthma patients can safely use our carpets.
• Do not contain any chemicals harmful to human and animal health. Have no carcinogenic effect.
• Dimensions app.; (Cotton-based products have 3% shrinkage.)
2x3 ft - (60x90 cm)
2.6x3.9 ft - (80x120 cm)
2.6x4.6 ft - (80x140 cm)
2.6x4.9 ft - (80x150 cm)
2.6x6.5 ft - (80x200 cm)
2.6x9.8 ft - (80x300 cm)
2.6x13 ft - (80x400 cm)
2.6x16.4 ft - (80x500 cm)
3.2x4.9 ft - (100x150 cm)
3.2x6.5 ft - (100x200 cm)
3.2x9.8 ft - (100x300 cm)
3.2x13 ft - (100x400 cm)
3.2x16.4 ft - (100x500 cm)
3.9x5.9 ft - (120x180 cm)
3.9x6.5 ft - (120x200 cm)
3.9x9.8 ft - (120x300 cm)
3.9x13 ft - (120x400 cm)
4.2x6.2 ft - (130x190 cm)
4.6x6.5 ft - (140x200 cm)
4.9x7.2 ft - (150x220 cm)
4.9x8.2 ft - (150x250 cm)
5.2x7.5 ft - (160x230 cm)
5.2x9.8 ft - (160x300 cm)
5.6x7.9 ft - (170x240 cm)
5.9x9.1 ft - (180x280 cm)
5.9x9.8 ft - (180x300 cm)
6.5x9.8 ft - (200x300 cm)
6.9x10.2 ft - (210x310 cm)
7.9x9.8 ft - (240x300 cm)

Care Instructions;
• Can be washed in the washing machine at a delicate wash cycle at 30 degrees without spin cycle.
• Can be washed by hand with natural carpet shampoo.
• Suitable for wipeable surface and robot vacuum use.
• Can be wiped with warm and water with soap.
• Drying machine should not be used.
• Drying in direct sun may cause discoloration. It is recommended to dry in a place away from the sun.

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• Our all rugs are custom order so we don’t accept return for rugs.
Please ask for the advantageous wholesale prices if you think so...

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