Table Runners

Table Runner is the Other Name for Practicality, Visuality, Hygiene, and Aesthetics!

Table runners, which have widespread use, provide a clean and beautiful appearance on your tables. Today, the table runner for decorative purposes turns your dining tables into an extraordinarily organized and magnificent ambiance with different design details. Being practical, they can be laid on the tables easily and changed quickly, washed easily, and replaced instantly with other different table runner alternative models.

Table runners, which have never lost their popularity, started to attract more and more attention with each passing day. The runners, which are typically used to protect the structure and cleanliness of the table, also started to be used to obtain an aesthetic appearance today.

Akasia Home Design and Gift Store draws attention to the various table runners designs with rich offers. You can make use of the design that is most suitable for your decoration understanding by examining the product within the brand.

What is the Point of a Table Runner?

Designed to suit different types of tables (round tables, rectangular tables, various dining tables, etc.), these table runners create a valuable and stylish look. They prevent the tables from being damaged and, at the same time, look aesthetic. You can choose patterns and colors that are compatible with your style.

Not only during meal time, but it is also widely used on other days because the point where it differs from the tablecloths is that; it does not completely cover the table. For this reason, a part of the surface of your table is visible, and the table runners create an authentic atmosphere on the table as always.

Furthermore, people who buy new tables can benefit from using a table runner to prevent damage. Table runners offer an efficient use in this sense. Apart from this function, they also draw attention with their stylishness. The models, which are quite elegant in terms of design, can be used easily on invitations and special occasions. They affect the table to gain a richer and more presentable appearance with their high quality and various patterns.

Choosing the Right Table Runner

Aesthetic Table Runners that crown your tables!

The table runner is enriched with different designs product collection includes many models with motifs and embroidery such as floral, lemon, rug, tapestry, abstract & geometric, decorative, nautical, cactus, African, and winter & Christmas. It is one of the most precious pieces in the dowry of brides who like classical or modern styles.

Patterned pieces in vivid color tones such as yellow, blue, and green increase the energy of your tables and allow you to dine in a more pleasant environment. Floral printed and light-colored models are among the most popular runner options, especially in summer. Choosing a model compatible with indoor or outdoor balcony or garden tables in summer or winter gives you an enjoyable table concept with your glasses and plates, especially the environment.

What is the Most Efficient Use of & What Fabric is Best for Table Runners?

Table runners can be used alone on a table or with very few accessories on a table. As a textile product on which kitchen equipment such as shaker, caster, oil bottle, and the jug is placed during meals; It can also be used as a dining table centerpiece, accompanied by accessories such as candlesticks, candles, and crystal trinkets.

Table runners are usually cut in the form of long rectangles, providing efficient ease of use. They are designed from made of %70 polyester and %30 cotton fabric known as "raschel," a special shiny fabric. In addition, the raschel fabric models can be washed, and you can continue to use them for many years.

Table runners have an extensive usage area and differ in terms of fabric, design, size, and pattern. Although the rectangular table runner is among the most frequently used products, it is also used on round tables. Designed to suit various tables, these covers create a valuable and stylish look. Users can choose patterns and colors that are compatible with their style. The dining, wedding & modern table runners draw attention as one of the most frequently used cover types.

The Best Fabric and Table Runners Selection Through Your Needs!

When choosing a table runner for a dining table, the formality of the meal and the decoration of the room should be considered. Selecting a separate table runner set for seasonal and special preferences would be more proper. In addition, the general color harmony, texture, and design used in the dining room closely affect the selection of table runners. If the table runners are used in the kitchen, they should be suitable for the color and design of that environment. Runner sets, which are preferred for the kitchen, usually consist of simpler colors.

Table runners should be more glamorous and stylish to be used in special meals. At the same time, the table runner models to be covered in the dining room should also be in harmony with the general decoration of the room. If the table you use is wooden, glass, or plastic, it will give you an idea for decoration. Choosing a table runner over these covers also allows dinner tables to take on a different style. These tables, which are completed with napkins and various accessories, will have a very stylish and mysterious stance.

Sometimes you may want to use tablecloths and table runners at the same time on your tables, which is among the preferred decor types. Accordingly, it may be more appropriate to use finely embroidered and stylish runners on plain and plain colored tablecloths. Thus, capturing a beautiful environment with a slight touch is possible.


Digitally printed table runners are never out of fashion; on the contrary, they continue to gain more popularity. You can catch a modern and creative kitchen decoration with the models available at Akasia Home Design. You may also take a look at our table runner and pillow covers sets to enhance the harmony of your dining room.