Protect and Decorate Your Table with Placemats

Placemats are considerable table accessories that both protect and improve the dining table. With a well-chosen placemat, you can add a stylish touch to your dining table decoration and contribute to your home's overall look and feel.

You can consider size, design, material, and style options when making the most suitable choice for your lifestyle. If you want to beautify your dining table at the most affordable prices, their models make it easy for you to make the change you dream of. You can protect your table from damage and beautify the appearance of the table with stylish placemats.

How to Choose a Placemat?

In its most basic definition, it is a flat cover often used to indicate the position of individuals at a table. It takes up only a small portion of the table, not the entire table. If you're looking for the best one for your dining table, you should pay attention to details such as size, material, and style.

1. Activity to Use

Style and color selection is an essential step in the service selection process. There are different styles for various events. For example, daily use does not usually require choosing a stylish model. Still, you may want to select elegant models for other events such as marriage ceremonies, birthday parties, new year, and holidays.

2. Dining Table Physical Features

When deciding on the placemat style, the physical characteristics of your dining table are another factor to consider. You can find different serving styles tailored to different table styles. You can find tables in textured, plain, and pure wood color. That's why you need to consider the kind of table before purchasing. You can consider the type of your table together with the service design to get an attractive appearance and compare the features in terms of harmony. For example, wicker utensils can be a good choice for your country-style kitchen table.

3. Home Colors

The color of placemats correlates with the dining table or tablecloth and the overall home color. By choosing the best colors to complement your tablecloth, you can achieve the best harmony and avoid creating a visually weak or disturbing contrast. When choosing colors, you can consider your dining table, curtains, or chair cushions, and you can select harmonious color combinations such as black and white ones.

4. Using Alone or with a Tablecloth

The use of placemats and tablecloths depends on your preference and dining style. The main benefit of using them on a tablecloth is defining a private table area for everyone. You can use the servings alone or with the tablecloth. Unless you're using a tablecloth, you should match the color of the serving to the style of the table. Otherwise, you can match them with tablecloth colors.

How to Use Placemat?

Special dinners or banquet tables are entirely different from routine dinners. You don't need to look for convenience and comfort at formal events or dinners, but you need to focus more on some details to make your guest feel special. For example, a birthday party requires a different style than a wedding anniversary or new year. There are many styling options for different themes, such as Christmas placemats. Red placemats and nautical placemats for the beach house may be more appropriate for the new year. There are many types of services according to design and material. You don't need to be formal if you're looking for a simple service for family dining. 

Placemat Pattern and Material

While many people focus more on the details, such as pattern and size, the serving material is equally important when choosing placemats.  They are available in various colors, patterns, and textures to suit any occasion. When choosing, you should consider both the style and the materials used. Which material you choose depends on your preference and ease of use. You can choose the most suitable one among the patterns Akasia Design offers.

What Size Are Placemats?

The size of your placemat directly depends on the size of your dining table. Ideally, service covers; should be wide enough to hold one-person table accessories such as plates, forks, spoons, bowls, and glasses. You have to ensure the serving size provides extra space for other items on the table. The 34 x 34 cm (13x13 Inches) is one of the most popular sizes. It has enough space to hold flatware and the entire set, including. However, they are available in several different shapes and sizes. Which size you choose often depends on the size of your table and what tableware and utensils you want to place on the serving. They can be found in square, round, and more special shapes.

Benefits Of Using Placemat

Stains, burn marks, or spills from foodservice can ruin your tablecloth and table. You can eliminate all these problems with a quality placemat that covers your table stylishly and safely. They are used for many purposes. 

1. Beautifies The Dining Table

It helps determine where each individual will sit and beautify the table setting and decoration. 

2. Protects Dining Table

Precious wood tables can be pretty susceptible to food spills and stains. To preserve the value of your desk and keep it clean, you need to protect it from stains. They are almost necessary to protect the delicate surfaces of wooden tables. A heatproof serving can be a great advantage when something hot is placed on it, such as pots or serving utensils. Effectively insulates heat and prevents damage to your wooden table. 

3. Provides Ease Of Cleaning

Many placemats are washable for easy cleaning. In this way, they offer the easiest and most decorative way to protect delicate tablecloths where stubborn dirt can be tough to remove. You can wash your dirty service quickly and practically by simply running it through the water.