Kitchen Aprons

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    12 products

    Kitchen Aprons:  Protection and Motivation When Cooking

    Kitchen Aprons are used to protect both your clothing and the food. They are pretty useful, especially when cooking or serving. With kitchen aprons, you don't have to think if your clothes will get dirty while cooking your favorite foods. 

     Every day your clothes are exposed to quite a few germs; these germs can easily be transmitted while cooking and threaten your health. A simple solution like wearing a kitchen apron can reduce this risk. 

    A Short Story of Kitchen Aprons

    The word 'Apron' comes from the Medieval French word 'naperon,' which means small tablecloth. This word used to be mispronounced as 'an apron.' As time went by, in the 17th Century, it eventually became known as an 'apron.' As kitchen aprons have many purposes, they are made using many different fabrics and kinds. No matter their function, aprons have been worn for many decades and still keep their popularity.  

    Kitchen Aprons with Different Designs Make Cooking More Comfortable and Joyful

    Kitchen aprons will surely motivate you with their various colors, styles, fabrics, and sizes if you are bored cooking every day. Also, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas kitchen aprons can be unforgettable and joyful presents for these special days. You can also find kitchen aprons with different designs, quotes, pictures of celebrities, and themes, such as Marilyn Monroe, statue and giraffe, the royal animal with Mr.Rabbit and Mr.Cat, palm tree, no drama, flower, floral bird, tropical leaf, and landscape. Floral kitchen aprons will bring spring fresh and colors to your cooking times.

    While working or cooking, it is also important to feel comfortable with your clothes. Akasia Design offers kitchen aprons with neck and waist straps that can be adjusted according to your body. Also, they are antiperspirants and don't irritate. What's more, our aprons are eco-friendly. They have an international certificate OEKO-TEX -Standard 100, and they don't contain any chemicals harmful to human or animal health, so they have no carcinogenic effect. They can be washed at 30 degrees with liquid detergent and have international washing and non-fading certificates.