Round Rugs for Living Room

    175 products

    175 products

    Discover the charm and practicality of round rugs, the perfect addition to any home looking to blend aesthetic appeal with functionality. Whether it's a round rug for the living room, a small circular rug for a cozy nook, or a large round rug for spacious areas, the versatility of round rugs makes them suitable for every room and style. From modern round rugs to traditional designs, these pieces bring warmth and style to your space.

    The Appeal of Round Rugs in Living Rooms and Beyond

    Round rugs are not just decorative elements; they're practical solutions for any space. With options ranging from round rugs 6 ft in diameter to large round rugs for living room spaces, there's a size and style for every preference. Gray round rugs and black and white small rugs offer a contemporary look, while round jute rugs and round washable rugs add a touch of natural charm and ease of maintenance.

    Round Rug Models and Their Unique Features

    • Non-slip round rugs are a must-have, providing safety and convenience with their minimal and functional design.
    • Made from luxurious shiny velvet, these rugs feature non-slip soles and can be easily washed at 86°F (30°C), ensuring they remain vibrant and durable over time.
    • Our collection includes round rugs modern designs, with options like the floral round rug, geometric round rug, and the IKAT design non-slip round rug, all made using advanced 3D digital printing technology for clarity and longevity.

    Most Popular Round Rug Models

    • Round woven rug
    • Floral round rug
    • Round navy rug
    • Ethnic geometric non-slip round rug
    • Marble pattern blue gold gray round rug

    These popular models exemplify the combination of style, functionality, and comfort, making any room feel welcoming and complete.

    Choosing the Right Size Rug for Your Space

    When selecting a round rug, size matters. Whether you're considering a round rug 6x6 for a smaller area or a round rugs 8 ft diameter piece for larger rooms, it's important to choose a size that complements the space without overwhelming it. Here's a quick guide to what size rug for living room areas and beyond:

    • 24x24 inches (60x60 cm): Ideal for small spaces or as an accent piece.
    • 32x32 inches (80x80 cm) to 48x48 inches (120x120 cm): Perfect for medium-sized rooms, under coffee tables, or in kitchens.
    • 60x60 inches (150x150 cm) to 72x72 inches (180x180 cm): Best for larger living rooms, dining areas, or open spaces.

    Maintenance Tips for Your Round Rug

    How to Clean Rug and Ensure Longevity

    Keeping your round rug in top condition is simple with the right care. For washable round rugs, machine washing at the recommended temperature will keep them looking fresh. For other types of rugs:

    • Regular vacuuming helps remove dust and debris.
    • Spot cleaning spills immediately can prevent stains.
    • For deeper cleans, consult a professional, especially for round area rugs with intricate patterns or materials.

    How to Flatten a Rug and Eliminate Creases

    New rugs often come with folds or creases. To flatten a rug, lay it flat under heavy furniture for a few days, or roll it in the opposite direction of the curls. For stubborn creases, gentle steaming can help relax the fibers.


    Round rugs offer a unique opportunity to enhance the aesthetic and functional appeal of your home. With a variety of sizes, styles, and colors available, including small round rugs, round bathroom rugs, and round kitchen rugs, there's a round rug to fit every space and style. Embrace the simplicity and elegance of round rugs to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home.