Lemon Front Door Wreaths

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2 products

Bring Luck, Optimism, and Joy to Your House with Lemon Front Door Wreaths

Lemon, which belongs citrus fruit family and grows mainly in Mediterranean and subtropical/tropical climates, is a yellow fruit used in many beverages, desserts, and foods with its acidic taste. Lemon symbolizes many things in many fields. In arts, the bitterness of life; refreshment, optimism, happiness, rejuvenation, and love in the spiritual area. It's also used in the healthcare industry to strengthen the immune system and cosmetics for anti-aging. So putting a handmade lemon front door wreath on your door means a lot for yourself and your guests.

Lemon front door wreaths are not just for front doors. Most of the people spend more time in their kitchen on a day, by themselves or with their family. So hanging on these pieces of art lemon arts in your kitchen is also a good idea to keep the optimism and happiness against all difficulties of housework. You can hang front door wreaths on the wall just above the worktable or at the window in your kitchen.

Porches are a good place to gather with friends for coffee and chat about daily issues. Hanging lemon front door wreaths on a porch support pole or lighting pole at eye level changes the aura of your house. The bright yellow color of the lemons, green leaves, and additional flowers save you from all pessimistic feelings and rejuvenate your feelings.

Lemon front door wreaths are warmer, and when they are combined with flowers, especially white roses, they become more elegant. Hanging lemon front door wreaths on your front door welcomes you and your guests with this warmer and sleek feeling. You also make a statement to your neighbors and street, and you'll activate other people with the sense of joy you give to them.


Akasia Home Design offers customized and handmade faux lemon front door wreaths to bring joy and happiness to your entrance. You may also wish to look at our other handmade front door wreaths.