Lemon Napkin Rings

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4 products

Bring The Fresh and Warm Breezes To Your Tableset With Lemon Napkin Rings

Lemon napkin rings are handmade faux table settings that bring the Mediterranean spirit to your table. You can add bright color and freshness with this summer fruit and match these napkin rings with tablecloths and table runners.

In the Phillips Collection, the monumental “Lemons and Napkin Ring” painting by George Braque shows that they add color and story when they come together to the table. When they match each other as a single purpose, they become lemon napkin rings as fresh and colorful table decor.

Lemon napkin rings can also be paired with candleholders made of jute rope as complementary decor. You can use them on special days such as weddings or outdoor banquets, and they create a lovely, cheerful, positive, and fresh aura at your tables.