Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry Types

Akasia Design offers well-designed, stylish, and high-quality handmade custom jewelry for your desires.        

 1. Embroidered Necklaces

A personalized embroidery necklace or pendant with your loved one’s initials is fabulous custom jewelry that deserves to be on your neck since you only carry the most valuable things. A customized necklace is not only to beautify yourself but also to tell a story you want to extend outside the world without words.  

 2. Embroidered Jewelry Sets

What is worthy in life is an excellent question for most of us. Paying more money for the jewelry sometimes can turn out to be an investment for your assets. However, personalized embroidered jewelry sets can make your loved ones so happy that it goes beyond the boundaries of any investment that you can buy.     

 3. Embroidered Watches

Even the most expensive watch in the world might not be unique if it is not customized. On the other hand, an embroidered watch, customized with your requirements, would be a special piece for you and your loved ones. Sometimes, a customized watch can be a powerful sign of love, even more than a ring.  

 4. Embroidered Cufflinks

The cufflinks are the signatures on your clothes. Nothing for a man can be more special than an embroidered cufflink with his name’s initials on it. After a wonderful wedding ceremony, the cufflinks would be the best keepsakes for you. It will be unforgettable if you have customized them with the bride and groom’s initials.  

 5. Wire Breaking Embroidered Necklaces

Wire-Breaking is an exceptional and traditional craft method coming from Anatolia’s history. These jewelry sets consisting of wire-breaking embroidered necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings are produced by the wire-breaking technique called “Tel Kirma.” This historical art is a unique and extraordinary gift as custom jewelry.


Akasia Home Design offers a wide range of custom jewelry for your requirements. You can order personalized handmade jewelry for your loved ones. You may also like our handmade products with various options, such as napkin rings, embroidered hoops, or front door wreaths for good luck. Our talented crafters artistically design them to capture your spirit and essence.