Decorative Tablecloth

If there is a table in the home decoration, this table must also have a decorative tablecloth. Because the decorative tablecloth is among the basic requirements for more regular, decorative, and long-lasting use of this furniture.

Prefer Decorative Tablecloth Quality

With a decorative tablecloth, you can make an elegant and high-quality choice and get more elegance. The carefully and solidly woven product also has a special place in order to use colorful images in your fairy tales with the printing technologies used on it. In other words, decorative tablecloths are not only a textile product used on the table for eating and serving but also provide a product structure that can be used for decoration in general times.

Colorful And Ornate Decorative Tablecloth

If you are going to use a decorative tablecloth, this product should always have a colorful and enjoyable structure. In fact, although some people prefer to make plain single color and classic choices for the tablecloth, some people may also want a colorful image on the table.

Instead of the heavy, hard-to-wash, easily worn, and out-of-life table cloth of old times, these tablecloth models are now an advantage due to their practical structure, easy cleaning, and being able to use them in varying patterns with dozens of different options. Moreover, in these products, regardless of the size of your table, you can choose from different size options and use them on your tables for 4-6-8 people.

Living Room Tablecloth Usage

The tables and dining tables in the living room are usually used when special guests are invited to your home or when special meals are eaten. Because, as it is known, many people use the table in the kitchen section for breakfast and dinner in their homes, making food service very practical. For this reason, these products can be seen within the scope of living room tablecloths. In other words, these decorative tablecloths, which are used with a decorative structure on the dining and guest table in the living room, can give the living room a stylish design with its appearance even if the table will not be used for days.

While a separate decoration is created on the tables, especially with the use of different accessories, and ornaments other than the tablecloth, a different visuality can be achieved thanks to the decorative living room tablecloth in this study. Because decorative tablecloths provide a special image like a painting thanks to the printing technology applied on them with floral patterns, transverse or longitudinal lines, nature images, or traditional motifs.

Kitchen Tablecloth Usage

Kitchen tablecloths, which are mostly used for decorative purposes in the living room, have a special place in the kitchen. Because the kitchen tablecloth used in the kitchen always has a place to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, even to prepare a meal or to host guests during the day. In other words, this tablecloth will not be a product to be used occasionally but will have a structure that will be used every day.

From this point of view, the decorative kitchen tablecloth should primarily have an aesthetic appearance. Because when you sit at breakfast or dinner tables every day, the image on the tablecloth should whet your appetite and make eating enjoyable without taking you away from the table. In this respect, you can choose the tablecloth by looking at the basic colors in your kitchen decoration, the lighting conditions, and how wide or narrow the kitchen is.

Easy to Clean

While making the right decorative tablecloth choices, you can be sure that you make a good choice in these products without hesitation. Because the decorative tablecloth will be a product that will get dirty very often and will need to be washed frequently. From this point of view, the decorative tablecloth provides a seamless structure that you can clean every day by washing it in the washing machine. The product can be washed with natural or daily detergents of your choice at a temperature of 30 degrees, and then it can be ironed and reused. Even a quick cleaning can be done by wiping the spilled area easily when any oil, juice, or tea is spilled on the table since the decorative tablecloth models have a stain-proof fabric structure on them.

Decorative Tablecloth Models

As you can see, the decorative tablecloth models that you can choose for both the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen have a very wide and rich structure, providing a different color and a different visuality in each model. While tablecloths add a different color to the environment in which they are used, they also create the desired durability advantage. The most important point to keep in mind, especially when making your tablecloth decorative choices, is to take into account the shape and dimensions of your table.

You can provide decoration integrity by choosing the one that suits your style from the following decorative tablecloths that we offer for you.

What Size Tablecloth Do You Need?

You have the opportunity to shop in 4 different sizes among the decorative tablecloth models offered for you. You can choose the following dimensions for decorative products.

  • 55x55 inches (140x140 cm)
  • 55x67 inches (140x170 cm)
  • 55x75 inches (140x190 cm)
  • 55x95 inches (140x240 cm)

These dimensions generally provide the right structures for the supply of suitable tablecloths for different table types such as kitchen table, table for 4, table for 6, and table for 8 people. One of the most important points in the dimensions is that when you determine a suitable size for the table, the visual pattern on the cover can stand on the table much more firmly and properly. Imagine that a tablecloth model that can be used on a 4-person kitchen table and on an 8-person table will not create a harmonious use. For this reason, considering the size of the table, you can choose the best among the options offered to you and get the most enjoyable usage features.