Floor Pillow Covers

    32 products

    32 products

    Color Your Home And Garden With Floor Pillow Covers

    Floor pillow covers create a soft and elegant atmosphere for your home decoration! How about lying down on the floor pillows and enjoying yourself in the garden, on the terrace, or in front of the fireplace? You can find models suitable for your taste among floor pillow covers that attract attention with their colorful and dissimilar patterns of Akasia Home Design.

    It is very fashionable to sunbathe on giant floor pillows, especially in summer. You can use floor pillows, which are indispensable accessories of beach clubs, in the garden or terrace of your home. You can use floor pillows to create additional space in front of the fireplace or the sitting corner of the living room in winter and as an alternative to lie down and relax in your garden or balcony in summer.

    You can use large floor pillows in the open areas of your home and your living room and bedroom. If your home is furnished following a modern style, you can choose floor pillow covers dominated by plain and pastel tones.

    Floor Pillow Cases With Chirping Colors

    If you prefer floor pillow covers with vibrant colors such as pink, orange, blue and green, you are right. You can choose the one that suits your style and home decoration among the pillowcases where vibrant colors stand out. At Akasia Home Design, you can find pillowcases in every model by the type of your home.