Pillow Covers

Pillow Cover Patterns

Pillows, one of the essential accessories used for relaxation, stand in the corner of almost every room in homes. Of course, it is crucial how a piece that is preferred by many people looks like. In addition to comfort, different pillow cover options created with aesthetic designs stand out as products that are taken care of in terms of pleasing the eye and completing the decoration of the places where they are located.

When you look at the history, it seems that the first pillow uses, which you can come across going back to ancient times, preserved their existence over time and developed simultaneously, and took their current form. Pillow and pillow cover models, which are indispensable products of every home, attract the attention of many people.

It's easy to find patterns that appeal to special interests. For those of you who want to remember the joy of the new year and carry it with them, Christmas pillow cover models stand out as an enjoyable option to make yourself happy and give a nice gift to your loved ones. In addition to these, cactus pillow covers, lemon pillow covers, and floral pillow covers are available with highly creative designs and vibrant colors, designed for those of you who are interested in gardening, botanicals, and plants or those who like such patterns. 

Pillowcases that you can choose according to the colors of your room or furniture, or pillow covers that you can select by using striking contrasting colors are waiting for you. Such as winter pillow covers and fall & Halloween pillow covers produced in models and concepts suitable for the four seasons you live in can be found in a wide variety of colors. White and blue ones represent softness and simplicity. Yellow and orange pillow covers describe vitality and shine. You can use additional tools such as various decoration suggestions and interior arrangement applications for your particular areas and create by reflecting your personality. 

Love & Valentine’s Day Pillow Covers, designed for those who want to give a different and memorable gift, form the basis for pleasant memories. While getting lost in the endless world of colors, the purple and fuchsia pillowcases you can choose for your corner help you create a more glamorous and inspiring space. In contrast, the turquoise pillow covers help you create a calmer and calmer space.  In pillowcase models, your lovers, who take up a lot of space in your life, are also considered. Again, the velvet, red, and pink models you will choose suitable for these times support the romantic atmosphere you will capture by creating integrity with your concept. 

How to Clean and Iron the Pillow Cover?

To clean pillow covers, you should pay attention to the fabric. Considering the ideal washing temperature of the fabric, you should wash it at the appropriate temperature, by hand or in the washing machine. You can choose different laundry detergents according to the color and pattern of the fabric. Covers are generally made of cotton or linen blend fabrics, but delicate fabrics such as satin and silk can also be found. After washing the fabrics, you can hang them or dry them in the dryer. You can use it again after making sure it dries well.

Covers are used by ironing for hygiene reasons. While ironing, you should check the suitability of the fabric, and if you are going to iron a delicate fabric, you should lay a thin cheesecloth between the ironing floor and the cover. This way, you can reduce the possibility of the soleplate damaging the fabric. Over time, yellowing may occur on the pillow covers. You should refrain from using color-bleaching products when cleaning fabrics.

What are the Benefits of Pillow Covers?

  • They prevent the pillows from getting dirty.
  • They add color to home decoration.
  • They complete the sleeping comfort.
  • They decorate bedspreads and armchairs.

Akasia Offer Eye-Catching Pillow Covers

The pillow covers you choose for your home, which is one of the places where you spend the most time, and for your pillows in your private areas not only provide you with a pleasant and comfortable time but also help you to start the day with quality and sound sleep.

Akasia, where you can easily reach hundreds of different models in line with your needs, is waiting for you with price options that appeal to every budget. Create unique spaces and make your existing style even more eye-catching with pillow covers of different patterns, fabrics, and colors.