Floral Napkin Rings

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    7 products

    Bring The Beauty of All Seasons To Your Tables With Flower Napkin Rings

    Flower napkin rings are cylindrical items, and their purpose is to hold table napkins neatly on a dining table till they're used and provide hygiene. But in fact, they are more than that, and they reflect your style and mood for the meal and your guests.

    Flower napkin rings are a good idea to dress your table for a wedding reception and special days such as birthdays, ladies ' lunches, mother's day, and valentines day. They bring the table together and double the gift for your mom or love.

    Flower napkin rings are fresh and personalized ways of decorating your tables. They take you to spring even if you're in winter. You can create colorful tables with chrysanthemum, rose, gerbera, sunflower, and daisy. All you need is to match the right flowers to your special event. Especially handmade floral napkin rings with your favorite flowers can also create a nice souvenir and memento.