Luxury Pillow Covers

    38 products

    38 products

    Decorate Your Yatch With Luxury Pillow Covers  

    Your yacht is precious to spend your leisure time with your loved ones. You care about its’ exterior and interior, which pleases your eyes; therefore, you should not limit your expectations for your loved luxury yacht or boat just for comfort and safety. You can decorate your luxury yacht interior or exterior with luxury pillow covers that suit your taste. 

    Features Of Luxury Pillow Covers

    Luxury pillow covers of Akasia Home Design are made of %100 Polypropylene/ OLEFIN (Raschel Fabric - some may change depending on your choice). The raschel fabric is high-quality, soft and shiny, durable, and washable. The embroidered luxury throw pillow covers are digitally printed on one side, while the backside is pure light cream (or both sides, depending on your wishes) with a piping frame.

    They have a hidden zipper closure at the bottom side. The most preferred size is 18x18 inches (45x45 cm), but custom sizes are also possible. You can safely put them in the washing machine (wash cold - at max 86°F (30°C), - tumble dry low – iron as needed). Luxury pillow covers are customized and produced after your purchase. They are the best selections to welcome your loved ones to the yacht and deck your yacht’s out exterior and interior. You may also think of one of them for your home or beach house.

    Reasons to Style Your Yacht with Luxury Pillow Covers 

    1. Easy Cleaning Technology

    Most stains cannot get through the inside of the fabric. They are easy to clean with the cold machine wash. You do not worry about how to wash them. 

    2. Chlorine Resistance

    The chlorine can have harmful effects and fade the color of the fabrics. That is why the luxury pillow covers are produced as resistant to chlorine. 

    3. Abrasion Resistance

    They are highly durable products against being worn away by rubbing with another material.

    4. Water Repellency

    It means that the product repels water on contact. You don’t wish to think if the pillows get wet after swimming and having a rest on the yacht. 

    5. Flame Retardant

    Luxury pillow covers are designed to prevent starting or slow the growth of a fire. That feature is sure very vital for your safety in your yacht, especially when far away from the coast. 

    6. UV Resistance

    They can withstand degradation as a result of ultraviolet light. They are durable and long-lasting products.

    7. Oeko-Tex (Made in Green) and Breathable 

    The products have the international certificate of OEKO-TEX® -Standard 100, which means that they’re produced environmentally friendly. Luxury pillow covers do not contain any chemicals harmful to human and animal health. The product has no carcinogenic effect.

    What to Select To Decorate Your Boat With Luxury Pillow Covers

    Luxury pillow covers are elegant, stylish, and high-quality embroidered pillow covers with unique hand-sewn for your yacht or boat. You can choose from different sea creatures, such as sea turtles or seahorse pillow cover patterns that will give you the ocean feeling even inside your yacht. You may prefer fashionable designs such as anchor, compass, and wheel pillow cover patterns if you like nautical patterns. You may choose to create your own personalized set with different patterns. Whatever you select will not only fit your expectations but also create an atmosphere of luxury for your guests as well.

    Akasia Home Design offers a wide range of throw pillow cover alternatives in more than 20 categories for your desires. One of them will fit the finest corners of your yacht or home with attractive styles.