Nautical Hand Towels

    9 products

    9 products

    Bring the Ocean to Your Kitchen and Embrace the Salt Life with Nautical Hand Towels

    Nautical hand towels are great for your kitchen and bathroom, and you can bring the ocean colors to your house and sail away with the nautical kitchen towels.

    Color and print elements are the primary considerations for nautical hand towels. The backside is pure white, and you can pick colorful fish, sea turtle, sailboat, anchor, seagull, starfish, oyster, seashell, octopus, and more nautical related patterns and designs on the other side of the cotton and polyester mixed nautical hand towels. You can also have customized printed nautical-themed kitchen towels according to your demand.


    Akasia Home Design offers various patterns of nautical hand towels for your kitchen. You may also wish to see our other kitchen hand towels for more designs and patterns.