Floral Front Door Wreaths

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    17 products

    Happy and Fresh Welcome with Floral Front Door Wreaths

    Handmade floral front door wreaths are ideal for welcoming your guests with seasonal flowers by reflecting your mood and personality, whether they're made of fresh or artificial flowers. Furthermore, there aren't so many home decor accessories like floral front door wreaths that can easily change your house's aura at a low cost.

    When it comes to the floral front door wreaths, there are many selection possibilities and styles you can choose. With fresh or artificial flowers, these happy circles are generally created with the help of grapevine, jute rope, wicker, and burlap. Artificial flowers, from purple daisy, red fuchsia, yellow tulip, purple peony, to red rose, are chosen for long-term use because these front door wreaths are more suitable for both inside and outside use, especially for the places that aren't protected from weather conditions.

    Since floral front door wreaths are centerpieces on your door or porch, the size should be suitable according to the size of your door, pole in the porch, or window. It should be neither large enough to be distracting nor small enough to be unobtrusive. But the immediate neighbor or the person walking on the sidewalk should be able to see pretty flower wreaths for front doors. Color contrast and your flower selection should also match the color of your front door. For example, if your door is white or lighter, purple daisies may better stand out since they're a little bit dark in color.


    Akasia Home Design provides customized and handmade floral front door wreaths to warm your entrance. You may also want to check out our other handmade front door wreaths for all seasons.