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    8 products

    Apple Napkin Rings, Pearl Napkin Rings, and More...
    Napkin rings, also called serviette rings, are one of the complementary table decors that bring joy and style by changing the aura of the table. You can imagine how beautiful the handmade apple napkin rings or pearl napkin rings look and match with your tablecloth, table runners, and placemats. You can multiply the variety of these napkin rings with mandarin, pomegranate, floral red apple, and natural rustic napkin rings due to your dinner concept.

    You can use these apple napkin rings or pearl napkin rings, and other handmade faux napkin rings as wedding decor on a summer wedding ceremony or farmhouse decor. These napkin rings are also a great gift for mother's day and other special days.

    The diameters of these napkin rings are 1" or 2", and you can have them in customized numbers. You may also want to check our Christmas, winter, floral, and lemon handmade napkin rings according to your need.