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    41 products

    Why Should You Use Bathroom Mats?

    Bathroom mats are necessary items because they make your space safer. You may slip, fall, and get injured when the floor is wet. The aim of these products is to provide an anti-slip surface to step on after you’ve taken a shower. They also absorb water and keep the floor clean. In this way, you can protect your bathrooms from germs and bacteria.

    Secondly, the best bathrooms are brightened up by practical and decorative bathroom mats. You can decorate your bathroom with well-designed or custom bath floor mats while keeping your bathroom dry with %100 cotton bath floor mats.

    Features of Bathroom Mats

    Bathroom mats are generally made of shiny velvet fabric that does not collect lint and is stain-resistant. They have a 6 mm non-slip woven base, do not contain chemicals harmful to human and animal health, and have no carcinogenic effect. Akasia Home Design’s bathroom mats are certified by international OEKO-TEX –Standart 100. Akasia Home Design offers decorative floor mats in two sizes, the large one is 24x40 (60x100 cm), and the small one is 20x24 (50x60 cm).

    Popular Bathroom Mat Patterns

    You can choose bath mats according to your needs, and in terms of hygiene, it would be good to buy more than one bath mat, including spares. You can use flamingo, marble, or geometric patterned mats that are compatible with your bathroom tiles. To create a natural atmosphere in your bathroom, you can use butterfly-patterned and nautical-patterned mats. You can also choose many alternatives and themed products, such as heart-patterned mats for Valentine’s Day.

    How do You Use Bathroom Mats?

    You can use your bathroom mats for the front of the sink and shower cabin. After using these places in your bathroom, you should ventilate and dry the bath mats. If you don’t ventilate your mats frequently after using the bathroom, you may see a moldy odor on the mats over time.

    Should You Put a Bathroom Mats in Front of the Toilet?

    Bathroom mats are thinner; they are easy to clean and dry quickly. Because of that, it is practical to use a bath mat in front of the toilet.

    How do You Keep a Bathroom Mat Clean?

    Before washing the bathroom mat, take it outside and shake it out. To clean it very well you should wash it by itself in the washing machine. You can wash your mats in a cold setting and use a gentle detergent. Also, add an enzyme cleaner to help get rid of any smell.