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    62 products

    What are Vintage, Vintage Concept, and Vintage Home Decor?

    Vintage refers to an item of another era that holds recognizable and important value. Vintage means a timeless classic that doesn’t necessarily go out of style but out of print. This word, which we often hear, is widely used, especially in clothes and household goods less than a hundred years old.

    The vintage concept is created by designers and marketers for people who find nostalgia about their own childhoods and the periods when their parents were young. It is conditioned by three factors—nostalgia, perception of age, and visual style. These factors can be moved to every field of life, and different concepts can be created.

    Vintage home decor is recreating vintage design styles to make up a cozy, nostalgic look. It is applied to interior design, decor, and other areas. The feature of this home decor generally reflects a certain period and carries traces of family elders, just like your grandmother’s house that you spent your childhood in.

    The vintage concept in interior home decoration can be created with antique furniture and items with modern styles, which are highly fashionable and aesthetic if you are a traditional vintage lover; adding a chandelier and vintage pillow covers to your house makes a sophisticated look and minimalistic style.

    What is Considered to be Vintage?

    Antique pieces older than 100 years old and furniture, fabric, personal items,  etc., with many memories, are considered vintage. These items make you go back in time and feel the era’s ambiance. It makes you feel far away from the modern chaos, and you can feel the serenity of the past ages. You can feel life’s rich taste and joy by being around vintage goods.

    Some Products For Vintage Concept

    1. Vintage Pillow Covers

    You can add a vibe to your house using vintage pillow covers. The cushion covers can be found in:

    • Kilim pillow covers
    • Worn-looking pillow covers
    • Geometric design pillow covers
    • Kilim lumbar pillow covers
    • Eclectic pillow covers
    • Ethnic pillow covers

    The hand-made elegant square vintage kilim pillow covers are 100% hand-made and made of natural fibres, and organic dyes. In the vintage concept category, you can find some other cushion covers made of %70 polyester and %30 cotton, a special fabric called raschel. Sizes may vary a little due to the hand-made nature of the item. You can find the pillow covers in this concept from 12x12” (30x30cm) to 24x24” (60x60 cm.)

    Vintage lumbar pillow covers look great on your sofa, couch, and bed and fairly complete the decor. These are one-sided: the front is made of 100% hand-spun wool, and the back side is a suitable pure color, made of durable cotton. It has a hidden sturdy zipper and can be used indoors and outdoor. You can find vintage lumbar pillow covers in 16x24” (40x60 cm) sizes.

    2. Vintage Table Runners

    Vintage table runners, elegant items for vintage concept decor, are made of 70% polyester and 30% cotton fabric known as raschel, special shiny. They’re digitally printed on only one side (the other side is pure color). Also those are stain-resistant, half water-resistant, and wind-resistant and never fade.

    • Tapestry Table Runners
    • Tulip Table Runners
    • Terracotta Table Runners
    • Kilim Table Runners
    • Authentic Table Runners
    • Tile Pattern Table Runners
    • Goblin Table Runners

    You can have vintage table runners in these sizes:

    • 16x50 inches (40x127 cm)
    • 16x55 inches (40x140 cm)
    • 16x70 inches (40x178 cm)
    • 17x50 Inches (43x127 cm)
    • 17x55 inches (43x140 cm)
    • 17x70 inches (43x178 cm)
    • 54x96 inches (140x240 cm)

    3. Vintage Tote Bags

    You can carry the vintage concept atmosphere around you by having a vintage tote bag for daily use at the beach or on party nights. Tote bags, measuring 14x16” (35x40 cm), are made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester woven fabrics which are known as “tapestry/gobelin.”

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