Front Door Wreaths

Front Door Wreaths: More Than Just An Household Ornament

Front door wreaths are an ancient tradition and full of symbolism. They may have many meanings in history, but everyone likes them because they welcome our friends and family members in the holiday spirit.

Wreaths have been used for thousands of years and have many meanings. One of the favorite household ornaments, front door wreaths hung as sacred protection for houses. They symbolized making sure the good harvest for the next year and driving away from the bad luck and plagues. Furthermore, front door wreaths have been more than that, like evergreen boughs were promising the spring would return after winter. Then with Christianity, they became the symbol of Triumph over death and mourning. And now they symbolize joy, unity, youth, invitation, change, and maybe the most importantly, reflecting and encouraging your self-expression.

Whatever the meaning you attach to front door wreaths or wherever you hang them, they have especially believed as a reflection of the joy of Christmas during wintertime.

Front door wreaths come in different sizes depending on your door size (mostly preferred 14x14x3".) You can have your front door wreaths made of fabric, straw, lemons, seasonal flowers, pine cones, red berries, pumpkins, jute ropes, woven vines, peony wickers, not only from evergreen branches.

Whether the front door wreath you hang is small or large, made of evergreen branches or other materials; having a handmade front door wreath according to season, holiday, or occasion for Christmas, fall, a newborn baby can wrap up all meanings and definitely creates a perfect stylish atmosphere to your place.