Embroidered Gifts

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    4 products

    Embroidered Gifts: Excellent And Thoughtful Present

    Embroidered gifts turn the simplest gift into an excellent and thoughtful present. This way, you can make your loved one's heart melt in love with a perfect embroidered gift. Maybe an embroidered gift on behalf of the person you love instead of precious jewels, dresses, and bags is the best gift you can give to your loved ones. For example, do you want to show your appreciation to your teacher? You can give her an embroidery bookmark or an embroidery mirror. Every mother wants to know how much her kids love her. So you can gift her an embroidered make-up mirror to show your special bond while she uses her personalized make-up mirror. You can also congratulate your friends with a well-selected embroidery wedding gift.

    Features of Embroidered Necklaces

    The adjustable necklace length is 20 inches (50 cm), the height of the pendant is 1.97 inches (5cm) width is 1.57 inches (4cm). The technique is called "Brazilian Embroidery," in which each detail is crafted individually by hand using a tiny needle. The watch is approximately 1.6 inches (4cm) and is also embroidered with "Brazilian Embroidery." Akasia home offers you the most popular sizes, shapes, and designs for each embroidery gift.

    What can I Embroider for A Friend?

    Gifting is a wonderful way to bond with your friends and family while having some precious time. You can always make your beloved ones feel special by giving custom embroidered gifts, such as embroidered necklaces, make-up mirrors, and bookmarks.