Christmas Pillow Covers - Winter Pillow Covers

    615 products

    615 products

    Create a Stylish and Joyful Ambiance With Christmas Pillow Covers

    Christmas pillow covers will create a nice and cozy house that you wish for the Christmas holiday.   Switching the Pillow Covers is a way of decorating your home least expensively when compared to paying high prices for furniture or paintings. Sometimes, they might even be the social cues of your taste in life and art. Here, you will find durable, high-quality Christmas pillow covers and winter pillow covers with fabulous designs and patterns, showing your good taste in adorning your home.

    Christmas pillow covers and winter pillow covers are made of %70 polyester and %30 Cotton fabric, known as “Rachel,” a special shiny fabric. You can use the products as indoor or outdoor Christmas pillow covers in your home. The Christmas pillow covers are digitally-printed on one side (the other side is pure light cream) or on both sides that fit your expectations for winter decoration. They are stain-resistant, half water-resistant, and wind–resistant. Since it has a zipper closure at the bottom, you can change the insert as it becomes misshapen. You can wash them as you wish since they are machine washable (wash cold- at max 30’C). 

    Most Selected Sizes of Christmas Pillow Covers     

    Akasia Design offers a vast selection of sizes for your winter and Christmas Pillow Covers. The sizes range from 12x12" and 14x14" to 22x22" and 24x24" (16x16",17x17", 18x18" and 20x20" sizes are available as well). You can also demand your own desired dimension while shopping. The standard or most popular sizes are Christmas Pillow Covers 18x18 or Christmas Pillow Covers 20x20, but be sure which size pillow or cushion you have in your home before buying a new cover. Moreover, a quick tip for you, the size of your insert is suggested to be 2 inches bigger than the cover. While it may differ depending on the product quality, your Christmas Throw Pillows will hopefully look full and fluffy in this way.  

    Choose Christmas Pillow Covers Among More than 1000 Design Options

    Akasia Design offers more than ‘1000’ different designs and pattern options with different colors, making your dreams come true. You will undoubtedly find a design that aligns with your preferences. The covers are elegant and unique from each other with their styles and patterns. Furthermore, you can even demand your pattern with your desired dimensions during your order.

    From our selection, you can find Gnome decorated Red Christmas Pillow Covers that will make your home ready for Christmas. If you wish to prepare your home for both Xmas and winter, Snowman pillow covers, snowflake pillow covers, black and white Christmas pillow covers, or Merry Christmas cushion cases with snowflake patterns would be the best choices for your warm house on cold winter nights. Your kids will love the one with the “Santa Stop Here” message. Any pattern you select will create a personalized atmosphere for you and your loved ones. 

    Akasia Design also offers various collections of Christmas and Pillow Cover Sets, and you wish to check them for your winter and holiday house decoration. You can also see our other pillow covers and pillow inserts not for a limited period but for all year’s decoration needs.