Woven Bookmarks

10 products

10 products

Soft and Colorful Handmade Woven Bookmarks

Woven bookmarks are made of soft lines, and you will notice their warm nature. They come in different colors  - some are vivid, and some have nostalgic pleasure. You can feel the comfortable design, leave the world behind and make a fresh return to the book.

Traditional Style and Modern Approach

From rug, oriental, and ethnic to boho and traditional Turkish designs, a wide range of different compositions for remembering your last point while reading the book are at your fingertips. Their size is approximately 9.2”x2” (23x5 cm) and easily fits all sizes of books. Its soft nature will help you save your books, and its dye won’t meld into the fibers of the pages keeping your books safe.


Akasia Design presents you with very special, soft, and colorful handmade woven bookmarks that are perfect gifts to keep track of the last read page. You may also wish to see our other handmade products for your own use or as a gift.