Decorative Hand Towels

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    7 products

    Decorative Hand Towels: Nice Looking and Functional Kitchen Towels

    The most important one of the kitchen towels is decorative hand towels designed for your kitchen. They are just a glance away from you and decorate your kitchen. You usually do not spend your time in the kitchen just for cooking; you also spend time relaxing and having fun. So, a fun place should be the one touching your feelings as well.

    Akasia decorative hand towels are made of Turkish cotton and polyester mixture. The decorative hand towels are digitally printed on one side while the backside is pure white, making it multipurpose, and they have various designs. They can be used as a unique gym hand towel, bathroom or hair drying towel, or an excellent gift for your loved ones. They also have different types in sizes. We offer you the most preferred one, measuring 16x24 inches (40x60 cm). You can safely put them in the washing machine (wash cold - at max 30°C (86°F), - tumble dry low – iron as needed).

    Let's Deck Out Your Kitchen With A Decorative Hand Towel For You

    As the seasons keep changing, you have a reason to redecorate your home efficiently and least expensively. It is possible to do this idea by making small changes in your home textile, even only with your small change, with a decorative hand towel.

    The hand towels are the most versatile products used for all variety needs of our home livings. You may use it to dry your hands and face, use it in the gym, or crush the ice. Yet, the function is not everything. Since we are humankind, we want more than the function.

    Boost Your Mood With These High-Quality Decorative Hand Towels!

    Decorative hand towels are more than basic towels. They are more than that in our lives. In some cultures, decorative hand towels are one of the most important items of household goods. Before marriage, the bride weaves decorative towels to show her talent for her new home and neighborhood. This quick and low-cost manner is open for all now.

    While the seasons change, our spirits also fluctuate. It is always good to renew the decoration of your home periodically because the decoration of your home has an important role in your daily mood. And decorative hand towels are an effective way when compared to paying for expensive paintings or ornaments.

    How Can You Place Your Decorative Hand Towels In The Most Important Parts Of Your Home?

    You can call this a magical touch for your kitchen. Here are also a few deck ideas you may like. You only need small gadgets to hang for demonstration of your towels. You may use magnetic hooks which can attach to every metallic surface to beautify your kitchen. You can hang your towels over the bar holders or put them on a hanging rack to ornament your powder room. It is practical to use towel clips to design the towels in a contrasting manner by folding their ends on the countertop. You may fold them into a swan, duck, or even an elephant if you wish. Simply lay it as close as your kitchen sink. The best method is the easiest and fastest way to reach and place decorative hand towels decoratively. 

    Time to Renew Your Mood With Decorative Hand Towels

    It's also time to renew your mood. We have a wide range of variety that you may like. Recently, due to the rush of your working life, you may not have a chance to go to an orchard. But, we can move the orchard into your home life with our fashionable decorative hand towels. The fruit-decorated towels will boost your mood and give the feeling of the change you need in your home decoration. Or, if you want more than an orchard, we have a selection of animals such as elephants, flamingos decorated hand towels. You will like the "Tea-riffic Times" adorned one when you sip from your 'tea' mug in the kitchen.


    Akasia Home Design offers a wide range of products for you as well. You may also like our other kitchen hand towel products with various options, such as Nautical Hand Towels, Floral Hand Towels, or Lemon Hand Towels. They're artistically designed for the best parts of your kitchen.

    No home is complete without a kitchen. You cannot think of this part of a house isolated from towels. So, it is time to leave off your faded and discolored - even the ones you very like – kitchen hand towels. Let's replace them with our stylish and high-quality, creatively designed kitchen hand towels at Akasia Home Design, as you have always desired for your kitchen.