Handmade Products

Beautify Your House With The Handmade Products

You can decorate your dining table, doors, rooms, and Christmas trees with customized handmade home decor products. For daily use, gift, or special use, we present from woven makeup bags to custom jewelry to create your style and make a difference in your daily life.

1. Napkin Rings

Napkin rings that keep the serviettes or napkins neat and tidy are the last touch to your dining tables. They can be the centerpiece of your table since they give a glamorous look with their colorful and elegant designs. Even though their primary purpose was for hygiene, now napkin rings are so functional; for example, you can also use them as candleholders, curtain holders, organizers, and ornaments wherever you like. Of course, You can also give them as a traditional Christmas or wedding gift.

2. Custom Jewelry

Do you think expensive jewelry is one of the unique ornamental things you could have? The answer is not what you expected. Because a piece of handmade jewelry customized just for you is the appealing one that nobody can wear except for you. It would be best if you considered buying a handmade necklace or pendant customized for your personality rather than limited design options. A piece of custom jewelry might symbolize your individuality, making you feel special when wearing them.

3. Woven Purses/Cases

Woven by artisans for women, woven wallets and purses are handmade accessories that beautifully combine with women's stylish outfits. For versatile usage, you can find a vast selection of Turkish/Oriental rug-designed woven purses, wallets, and pouches. You can use these accessories as a wallet, card case, or small storage bag in both your hand and bag. In your shoulder bag, you can easily organize coins, cash, keys, make-up items, or other small items within these woven wallets or pouches. They are all Turkish Kilim or oriental rug double-side patterned accessories made from polyester fabric. You can choose either a folded design or a strong metal zippered design as you desire. The measures are approximately 3.4" x5.8" (8.5x14.5cm) in length and 1 inch (2 cm) in width.

4. Embroidered Hoops

The embroidered hoops are one of the ancient artistic productions of artisans who show their skills with these performances and beautify living spaces. They can be used anywhere as a supplemental decorative item to appeal to your guests and loved ones. You may think of having an embroidered hoop, which is embellished with a 'Christmas Tree' or 'New Year Welcome,' depending on your preferences. Your choice will create an authentic atmosphere in your dining room or porch that you decorated with embroidered hoops.

5. Embroidered Gifts

There is no such thing that will give the feeling of specialty to your loved ones which will create a special bond. Even if you are running a professional business, these embroidered gifts are a unique way of extending your ideas and messages to your customers. An adorable embroidered gift will be a permanent piece of your customers' daily lives.

6. Front Door Wreaths

Front door wreaths welcome you and your guests every time and symbolize good luck. They also announce your house atmosphere and the joy of special days like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or a newborn baby.

7. Christmas Ornaments

The beauty of the Christmas ornaments will increase the joy of the moment. As an ancient tradition, Christmas ornaments can be used on Christmas trees, dinner tables, vases, and room entrances. They’re also excellent gifts for the holiday season.

Decorating your holiday tree with your family is more fun with these handmade Christmas ornaments. Christmas decoration dazzles your house during winter, but you can also display your Christmas ornaments all year as your collection.

8. Gift Boxes

A gift box can be a perfect way to present your gifts and a great organizer to store your items in one place. It is also a great decorative ornament that complies with furniture and living spaces. You can keep your jewelry, hair products, chocolates, or even cookies. A gift box full of chocolate will be the best way of reminding your loved ones whenever they taste those delicious chocolates.

9. Supply

Each home needs different types of items and supplies for daily usage. Sometimes you may need rope to handle your daily jobs at home, but sometimes you may need a faux lemon, which will improve your mood and have the feeling of a garden in your kitchen. There are different types of ornament supplies in Akasia Design whenever you need them for your home.

10. Woven Bookmarks

Besides the topic of a book, there are only a few things that a book lover appeals to. For a book lover, a bookmark is a wonderful supplemental item for a book and its cover, and sometimes, you may appreciate a bookmark to read the book more enjoyably. When a bookmark has authentic and fancy designs, it becomes more than a bookmark created from a piece of paper. That is why Akasia design's handmade traditional woven bookmarks are unique items for you or your loved ones who like to read.

11. Woven Notebooks

A notebook is a place where you take notes, write poems to extend your feelings or jot down your recipes. Whatever the reason you use it, the cover of a notebook always changes the purpose of its use. Akasia Design offers a variety of carpet or kilim-designed fancy woven notebooks for your daily usage. There are unique double-sided patterns that you will like, such as oriental, ethnic, or boho. The woven notebooks are secured with brass corner pieces that provide durability and are aesthetically pleasing.

12. Woven Makeup Bags

A woven makeup bag is a great place to store your items. However, a woven make-up bag is not just a storage for your items to be organized; it is more than this purpose. It shows your lifestyle and artistic approach when you are out shopping or having dinner. When you are out, you want to be organized your make-up items in your shoulder bag. But when you take your make-up bag out of your tote bag, you may like to draw the attention of people around you with the uniqueness and design of your make-up bag. Akasia Design offers stylish woven make-up bags that give you a feeling of uniqueness. Here, you can find rug or kilim patterned handmade woven make-up bags for daily use.