Floral Hand Towels

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1 product

Bring the Nature’s Colors to Your Kitchen With Floral Hand Towels

Hand towels are used to dry your hands but are not limited to. Moreover, you can also dry and polish your dishes. And with these primary functions, floral hand towels freshen up and beautify your kitchen.

These floral hand towels are made of cotton and polyester mixture. They’re in various sizes, but 16x24 inches (40x60 cm) is the most sought-size. You can also have them in customized sizes. They’re easy to clean, machine washable, soft, and absorbent, so you can also use these colorful hand towels as a gym, bathroom, or hair drying towel.

These flower hand towels have many variations. You can have marbles and autumn leaves or different colorful flowers printed. Akasia Home Design offers floral hand towels in customized sizes and patterns for you. You can also check our other kitchen hand towels for your house.