Summer Pillow Covers

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    100 products

    Summer Pillow Covers are Perfect for Seasonal Decoration  

    Summer pillow covers change your home magically. If you are unhappy about how your home looks and quite bored with it, and if you think it's pretty challenging to change your whole furniture, you have an extensive selection of home decorations and pillow covers to freshen up your home. You can create a pop of color by changing your pillow covers to summer pillow covers. 

    Why You Should Use Summer Pillow Covers 

    Summer throw pillow covers complete your other home decor items and look more beautiful. By adding a bunch of different colors, you can convert your whole vibe. Furthermore, they're e easily accessible and affordable. It is practical to keep your home clean by just taking the covers and washing them.  

    Features of Summer Pillow Covers  

    Summer pillow covers are generally made of %70 polyester and %30 cotton fabric known as "raschel," a special shiny fabric that is stain-resistant, half water-resistant, and wind-resistant. They have a hidden zipper closure on the bottom side and can be used indoors and outdoor. Akasia Home Design offers summer throw pillow covers in three sizes, the large one is 20x20, the medium one is 18x18, and the small one is 16x16. 

    Some Popular Summer Pillow Cover Designs 

    Some of the summer pillow covers are truly admirable. To feel the fresh smell of the sea in your home, you can decorate it with nautical pillow covers and coastal pillow covers. Turquoise pillow covers will make you feel like you're watching the sea, while the dark navy blue pillow covers will pull you to the bottom of the sea. Also,  you can imagine yourself in the depths of the sea with coral and starfish pillow covers. Apart from these options, Akasia Home Design presents you with many other summer pillow covers with different color designs and shapes, such as a navy rectangle pillow and a red nautical pillow.