Fall Tablecloths

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    15 products

    Fall Tablecloths for All Seasons

    Are you looking for something different before you invite your friends home for a fall season, Thanksgiving, or Halloween party? It is a good idea to display the real ornaments of fall season, joy of Halloween, and unity of family in Thanksgiving in your dining room.

    Akasia design offers you the best fall tablecloths as well as Halloween tablecloths with the elements of Halloween such as pumpkin, ghost, spider web, witch, bat, skeleton, and hunted houses. They are made of % 70 polyester- % 30 cotton, and have digital print only on one side.  You  can use them indoors or outdoors, wash cold or max 30'C and dry wash. It has a quality that can maintain for many years.

    Fall Tablecloth Shapes and Sizes

    Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving table cloths are mainly produced in shapes and sizes suitable for round and rectangular tables.

    1. Round Fall Tablecloths

    The round fall tablecloth has a round shape that covers your table completely. It is always a blend of polyester and Lycra, and easy to wash. A round Halloween tablecloth can be a good option for conventions, weddings, or cooperation events.

    Standard sizes for round fall & Halloween tablecloths:

    • 30-inch round table: Seats 2-3 People: 64-inch tablecloth (17-inch drop)
    • 48-inch round table: Seats 6 People: 72-inch tablecloth (12-inch drop)
    • 60-inch round table: Seats 8 People: 90-inch tablecloth (15-inch drop)
    • 72-inch round table: Seats 10 People: 120-inch tablecloth (24-inch drop)

    2. Rectangle Fall Tablecloths

    A rectangle fall tablecloth is the most preferable. Rectangle tables are used more often than round tables in living rooms. Rectangle fall & Halloween tablecloths fit most folding buffet tables, picnic tables, kitchen, and dining tables.

     Standard Sizes For Rectangle  fall & Halloween tablecloths:

    • 4 Foot rectangular banquet table: 52 x 72 tablecloth (standard drop)
    • 6 foot rectangular banquet table: 52 x 114 tablecloth (standard drop), and 90 x 132 tablecloth (full drop)
    • 8 foot rectangular banquet table: 52 x 120 tablecloth (standard drop), and 90 x 156 tablecloth (full drop)