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3 products

Even though they don’t take up much space, throw pillows and inserts are crucial for your comfort. The throw pillow inserts themselves are the part of a throw pillow that creates a soft feeling it has. There are typically two different points that are important for throw pillows:

  • The Size of the Throw Pillow Inserts,
  • The type of the Filling,

The Size of the Throw Pillow Inserts

Even though it looks easy, it also has tricky characteristics. It is advised to select your inserts one size larger than the cover. Usually, you will want to choose your throw pillow inserts 4 inches larger than your cover. That is to say, if your cover is 16x16, choose inserts that are 18x18 for comfort.

If you decide lesser than that, the pillow will give off a feeling of tightness. But, if you prefer larger than that, the pillow will feel too hard, disrupting your comfort. Too much hardness can make your body feel cramped, while too much softness doesn’t provide any support.

The most used sizes for in-house sofas are 18x18 and 20x20 sizes. But, for outdoor pillows, based on the style you want to bring to your establishment, this size can get big with 26x26 size. But, there is no limit on sizes for custom-made pillows.

The Type of the Fillings

The second one is the Filling; from the Down and Foam to Down alternative, there are various filling forms. The down type will require more regular fluffing as they can make breakthroughs. If you have allergies to feathers, there is also a down-alternative, a synthetic filling.

The main difference between down and feather is the feeling they give off. While Down is softer, the feather is usually flatter and heavier. The down-alternative, however, is the filling with no feathers, which is great for people with allergies.

There are also different ratios for different types of pillow fillings. One type is the %90 feather and % 10 down, which creates a feeling of neither softness nor firmness. It is a good choice if you want balance in your throw pillow inserts. There is also the %50 cotton %50 polyester type of fillings. This type is for people who want the flexibility of a pillow without feathers.

The highest quality types of fillings are down-alternatives with cotton and polyester mix and a mix of feather and down. While the down and feather mix provides excellent warmth, the down alternative is hypoallergic and machine-washable while being soft. So, they both have their advantage for consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the standard throw pillow insert sizes?

- The most used throw pillow insert sizes for sofas are 18x18 and 20x20. But this size varies according to the size of your sofas or couches.

  • How big should the throw pillow inserts be than the covers?

- You should add 2’’ to the width and height of the pillow cover of your choosing. For example, if your cover is 20x20, your inserts should be 22x22.

  • What is the best filling for a throw pillow?

- A mix of 50/50 down and feather-filled inserts is ideal for people who want both softness and flexibility. You can also select a combination of 30/70 if you want a firmer pillow. Also, there are insert types with the down-alternative option for people allergic to feathers.

  • When should you throw away your pillows?
- The overall time changes with the material your pillow is made of, but the average time is two years. While latex pillows can last up to 4 years with proper care, some low-quality down-alternative pillows should be replaced every six months.