Lemon Tablecloths

    6 products

    6 products

    Creative & Colorful Lemon Tablecloths

    Lemon tablecloths are perfect decorations that you can use in the kitchen. This sort of colorful and creative tablecloths provide a great view. Seeing lemon tablecloths on the table brings you some bright and fresh feelings. Yellow is a special color that makes people happy and peaceful. When you combine this color with others, you can create the perfect ambiance and have modern decor. Combining bright yellow with green, light grey, light and dark brown, pastel, pale and purple colors, and all white tones, you can invite a new, energetic and attractive vibe to your houses.

    Why Should You Use Lemons for Home Decoration?

    Lemons are yellow and make gorgeous table centerpieces, adding interest to modern wallpaper, wall tiles, and home fabrics. Lemons are heartwarming, fragrant, and colorful decorations.  They come in various sizes and shapes, and their unique aroma, availability, and beautiful yellow color make lemons a home decoration. Lemons are good alternatives to create a pleasant atmosphere in your houses that can be used for house decoration in any season.

    You can use a lemon theme everywhere in your house. Before dropping flowers in a vase, placing lemons inside will make a standard floral arrangement look way luxe. Lemon-themed cushions fit the back patio perfectly and make you feel spacious when sitting. Lemon print wallpaper is the perfect choice for your kitchen, and your kitchen should make you happy.

    Types and Features of Lemon Tablecloths

    Lemon tablecloths include round lemon tablecloths, rectangular lemon tablecloths, and lemon print tablecloths. They are available in different shapes and sizes and made of special micro honeycomb texture stain-resistant %100 polyester fabric with a soft texture. They have an international certificate OEKO-TEX® -Standard 100 and never fades. The size of the round one is 55 inches (140 cm) (The size of the product will differ app.: 1-2 inches due to the nature of the fabric)

    Sizes of Lemon Tableclothes

     You can find rectangular lemon tablecloths  with the sizes below:

    -  47 x 55" (120x140cm)

    - 55 x 70" (140x180cm)

    - 55 x 86" (140×220cm)

    - 55 x 102" (140x260cm)