Lemon Concept

    123 products

    123 products

    Lemon Concept: Put Your Lemons Centerpiece

    The lemon tree brings a dynamic and fresh breath to its quarter and shines brilliantly. Lemon leaves cast a wave of relaxation to the floor, and lemons give around the year fruits. The very natural style of the lemon concept will bring happiness and dignity to your house wherever you place them. 

    1. Lemon Curtains: The striking lemon concept filters out excessive sun rays and shines mildly like a spring cloud. They have different background colors.

    2. Lemon Pillow Covers: Yellow fruits, brown branches, and green leaves will grace you while taking a nap. Also, you can lean on the citrus tree's beautiful shadow when talking with your friends.

    3. Lemon Table Runners: The fresh smell of golden lemon concept slices will increase your appetite and show your household's magnificence.
    4. Lemon Tablecloths: Lemon fits into almost all meals, and even sweet cakes usually have a few drops of lemon juice. Like lemon brings taste to your food, decorating your table with lemon concept items will bring color and shine to your dining room.

    5. Lemon Kitchen Towels: Lemon leaves bring the breeze of gorgeous gardens to your kitchen, and colorful kitchen towels level up your mood.

    6. Lemon Placemats: Lemon placemats and coasters are ideal for decoration and protecting tablecloths.

    7. Lemon Napkin Rings: Delicate lemon concept branches will hold your napkins, and nature breaches into your table.

    8. Lemon Candle Holders: The romance of lemon and candle will herald footsteps of love and passion. They will witness your care and hopes.

    9. Lemon Tote Bags: Everything you need when traveling or shopping, branches of the citrus tree will carry you up, and their leaves will cast a shadow on you. The lemon concept shines everywhere it goes.

    10. Lemon Front Wreaths: They are warm and elegant decorations that embellish your house. Hanging on your front door welcomes your guests with joy.

    11. Other Items with Lemon Concept: A lemon garden always welcomes its guests with its delicate aroma. Your guests will be amazed by the hospitality of lemon wreaths in front of your door. A set of faux lemons will bring another set of happiness to tables.

    What is The Best Season for Lemon Concept

    Lemon trees would bear fruits in the fall season, and it is the best season to fancy since nature changes from green to brown; lemon concept items will protect the shine and color of summer. However, you can also enjoy the lemon concept the entire year.

    Akasia Design offers you the best home decoration products in the lemon concept. You can embellish your house with the shine and freshness of lemon. You may also wish to see our other decoration concepts to turn your home into a more joyful place.