Kitchen Hand Towels

Kitchen Hand Towels: Decorative and Functional Kitchen Accessories!

Kitchen hand towels are perfect for drying hands, dishes and cleaning the mess on the counters. But, they are more than just a cloth for drying. In addition, they are excellent kitchen decor products for your house. 

There are many kinds of kitchen towels, such as dish towels, tea towels, fingertip towels, and hand towels. Most people use these names interchangeably. If you ignore details, it seems all of them are the same, and there is no noticeable difference among them, but not so. Especially the fabric that is made of the towel makes the difference. Dish towels are made of terry cloth, while tea towels can be made of cotton or linen. On the other hand, kitchen hand towels can be made of linen, cotton, polyester, a mixture of cotton & polyester, and microfiber.

Even though their names are used interchangeably, kitchen hand towels should only be used for hand drying. After you finish rinsing your hands, it would be more proper and sanitary to dry them with the kitchen towels produced for this purpose.

Kitchen hand towels come in various colors, patterns, and sizes, and it turns out that they can also be used as home decor items aside from their main purpose. These small towels add color and some personality to your kitchen. Moreover, you can buy your kitchen hand towels themed for special occasions and complete your kitchen decor with this beautiful and small detail. Especially winter and Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and coffee-themed kitchen hand towels create a nice ambiance in your kitchen. You can also have some digitally printed decorative towels with special visuals and text as a gift or for your kitchen.