Fall & Halloween Table Runners

    69 products

    69 products

    Fall and Halloween Table Runners: The Best Choice To Color Your Tables 

    Are you also a type of person getting sorry when summer is ending up? So, we have good news for you. Because we know that fall is not coming alone, it comes with Halloween, previously known as ‘All Hallows Eve. It is a valuable ‘Trick or Treat’ time that we always remember coming together and celebrating. Halloween is one of the greatest traditions of remembering our loved ones and slowing life down. It even allows adults to become childlike without any judgment from the community. Accordingly, you should get ready for an amusing, memorable holiday.

    Do you wonder how to get ready and make memories for your loved ones this coming Halloween?  Decorating our living spaces is one of the best ways of improving our moods. So, if you missed the last one, it is time to make necessary arrangements immediately not to miss this upcoming Halloween. You will want to decorate your tables this Halloween with our adorable fall table runner and Halloween table runners selections.

    Our High-Quality Fall Table Runners for Your High Expectations

    Akasia fall table runners are produced with high quality after your order. The table runners are digitally printed on one side only (the other side is pure color). Fall and Halloween table runners are made of 70% Polyester and 30% Cotton fabric, known as “raschel,” a special shiny fabric.  You don't need to worry about the table runner if it gets dirty because you can put it in the washing machine (wash cold - at max 86°F (30°C), - tumble dry low – iron as needed). Besides, it never fades and is stain-resistant, half-water-resistant, and wind-resistant. That is why it can be a great keepsake for your loved ones to use indoors or outdoors.

    Which Size Fall Table Runner To Have?

    Akasia offers a variety of sizes for table runners. The sizes range from “16x50 and 16x70” to “17x50 and 17x70” (we have 16x55, 17x55; 18x84; 18x108 dimensions as well). We also have a special size option with the dimensions 54x96 inches. While small sizes fit the tables that can seat 4-6 people, larger measures are appropriate for the tables that can host a Halloween party. You can choose any size you want depending on your needs and your table’s dimensions. So, you don’t need to worry whether you will find an appropriate Fall Table Runner or not. You even have the opportunity to beautify all of your tables in different sizes with the same Fall Table Runner or Halloween Table Runner pattern to prepare the home for celebrations.

    ‘33’ Collections Of Fall Table Runner Patterns To Select

    All of the Fall Table Runner and Halloween Table Runner patterns our designers created for you will give you the deepest feeling of Halloween and Fall in your dining room, kitchen, or even in the backyard garden of your home. Akasia Design and Gift Store's fall and Halloween table runner selection offers more than 100 elegant patterns in 33 collections. You may have any of them that matches your expectations.

    If you like autumn and are planning to welcome it, why not have Fall Makes Me Happy Printed Table Runner for your garden table? If you want something to use in your daily life, you may think of a pumpkin-designed Table Runner such as Orange White and Green Pumpkin Table Runner or Polkadot Orange Black Halloween Print Table Runner for your kitchen table. Then, you may also consider having Houses with Fall Trees Table Runner or Dry Flowers and Leaves Table Runner for your dining table. 

    We also have options if you plan to host your loved ones at Halloween and would like to serve your spooktacular treats on a spooky table runner. There are Halloween Table Runner with Ghost and Spider Web, Halloween Table Runner with Ghost and Skull Print or Purple Witch Hat, and Halloween Treat Tablecloth designs in the selections that will suit your needs.

    It is also good to mention that if you cannot find your desired Halloween Table Runner among these options, we do our best to help deliver your expected pattern and dimension.   Last, Akasia Home Design produces a massive range of high-quality products. Our talented designers artistically matched the table runners to pillow cover sets. You may also wish to see our Table Runner and Pillow Cover Sets collections. They're creatively designed for the best parts of your kitchen, garden, or dining room.