Love Is In The Air: Valentine's Day Home Decoration

What better day than Valentine's Day to add romance not only to your relationship but also to your home? You can fire up your love while decorating your home with Valentine's Day home decoration. So let's dig in more Valentine's Day and Valentine's day home decorations.

Quick History and Today

Some say this tradition comes from Paganist practices, and some believe it's the day perpetuated in memory of Saint Valentine, but today, Valentine's Day is celebrated as the day of love, whether it's rooted in Paganism or a Christian Saint. Valentine's Day began to be celebrated around the 17th century and became popular in the middle of the 1800s. Mother of the Valentine, Howland, made the first mass-produced valentines.

Valentine's Day Card - Akasia Design

Valentine's Day is in February, but love always the most desired and sought-after thing. Love is the top Instagram hashtag and gets the most like on IG all the time. Moreover, today is the 2nd day after Christmas with the most cards sent. But of course, there is no need to depend on one day to show our love by knowing the value of 2/14. 

2 Great Accessories for Valentine's Day Home Decoration

2/14 is the day that needs to be filled with love. Here are 2 accessories that can help you with Valentine's Day home decoration.

 1. Valentine's Day Pillow Covers and Love Pillow Covers: Decorative pillow covers are functional and one of the most important home decor accessories that some of us are obsessed with. Because they can change the aura of a room

Valentine's Day Home Decorations, Love Pillow Covers - Akasia Design by reflecting your style, bringing a new breath, and they're affordable as well. 

They're made of various textiles, colors, and regular or customized sizes. Of course, Valentin's Day pillow covers are mostly red, but you may also go out of the ordinary for your loved ones. White, salmon, pink, maroon, green, blue are the other colors that can be used besides red, and all these colors ca n also be used with high contrast.

You can have Valentine's Day thematic love pillow covers as well as with hearts on them, love, or some messages for

Valentine's Day Home Decorations, Couple is sitting on the floor - Akasia Design

this special day. You can have just one pillow cover or as a set of 4 or available customized number sets. You can use these special pillow covers in the living room, bedroom, patio, benches, or reading nook as Valentine's Day Home decoration accessories and create emotional comfort.

2. Valentine's Day Table Runners: A table runner is primarily used to protect the table, as a decor accessory to create attention, and as a placemat. There're also table runners, those used as home decor on a chair and couch to add some personality, coffee table protector, hanging woven art, or even cozy kitchen rug.

Love table runners come in various sizes, colors, and textiles to reflect your creativity, emotions, and style. Red is also the most popular color for Valentine's Day table runners as all kinds of products for this day, but eveValentine's Day Home Decoration, Love Runners and Pillow Covers Set - Akasia Designn black is being used with the shapes and thematic messages.

You can put love table runners and Valentine's Day runners and create a fantastic ambiance for your dinner with loved ones. Furthermore, you can also pair love table runners with a suitable tablecloth. With the available set of love and Valentine's Day runners and pillow covers, you can place them on the floor, have a romantic dinner, and live your own love story.

To Sum Up Valentine's Day Home Decoration

Valentine's Day Home Decoration - Couple with Valentine's gifts - Akasia Design

Today is an excellent opportunity to show your love and care with the Valentine's Valentine's Day home decoration. Therefore you can decorate your house with the best Valentine's day home decoration and furnish it with fragrant scents. You can match and mix the decorative pillow covers with table runners to create an ambiance of love.  

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