Why Do We Need Decorative Pillow Covers?

Since 7000 BC, pillows have been in our life. Some used them for neck and head health, and some used them to protect their hair, mouths, and nose from bugs. They were stone or wood at first, in some cultures ceramic, porcelain, and even bronze, but with the help of decorative pillow covers, they have now become an aesthetic touch to our places besides their primary purpose.

They also have other popular names, such as toss pillow and accent pillow covers. Some of them are called as sham, which turns traditional pillows into decorative pillows that mostly have an opening in the back with a zipper or an envelope closure.

Decorative pillow covers, also known as cushion covers or throw pillow covers, are generally made of silk, cloth, linen, wool, velvet, fur, faux fur, cotton, polyester, or a mixture of cotton and polyester. You can find hypoallergenic ones in case of allergies and dust mites. They come in various sizes and shapes such as rectangular, square, heart-shaped, and other demanded and customized shapes. And finally, when it comes to fillings, there are many different types that define decorative pillow covers as soft or hard, low or high.

Purpose of the Decorative Pillow Covers

It's a controversial issue among people whether we need decorative pillow covers other not. Especially some men argue about the decorative pillow covers in their houses. Is Steve from The Coupling, the legendary BBC TV series, right on his claims? Maybe people on the scene couldn't explain precisely what decorative pillow covers are and what they are for, but when you look at two rooms with and without decorative cushion covers, you can tell quickly, the one with decorative cushion covers is tempting, and the other one is naked and one has something missing.

Decorative pillow covers can be mainly considered a home decor accessory. You can put them on the sofas, beds, chairs, and the floor in the kids' rooms, and they change the aura and freshen up your room by adding colors. But are they just decor ornament items? What about their functionality?

Decorative pillow covers or pillow slips are functional and affordable home decor and have benefits even though you're not aware of them. Pillow covers hold the fillings together and protect the pillows from dirt. They support the back and lumbar while sitting, support the neck while resting, and some of them are designed to take the shape of your body. You can sit on them and even place them under your head and sleep with them. If you have back pain or herniated disc, you can put one of them between your legs to comfort your waist.

As even more, decorative pillow covers help you show your emotions. You cry into pillow covers when you're sad or punch, throw them when you are angry. So it also provides emotional comfort. Furthermore, they provide protected areas for your kids while they're playing or sleeping. And how can we forget cushion fights with our beloved ones?

Decorating Your Houses With Decorative Pillow Covers

Of course, there are various ways of decorating your house, but decorative pillow covers play an essential role in house decoration. Every touch in your house decoration reflects your personality, mood, creativity, and style. Furthermore, suppose you are a decor trends follower. In that case, decorative pillow covers help you keep up with the new colors, tastes, and patterns since they are so cheap compared to furniture, curtains, and other large items.

Seasonal (floral, lemon, fall, winter pillow covers), thematic (Halloween, love and Valentine's Day pillow covers), or trendy (tapestry pillow covers, Turkish kilim pillow covers) pillow covers can match your party or the special day preparations.

Choosing Your Decorating Pillow Cover

When you choose your decorative pillow cover, you can pay attention to the following points:

  • Shape and size (square, round, etc.)
  • Filling (polyester, foam, etc.)
  • Fabric (cotton, velvet, etc.)
  • Color
  • Print / Craft / Embellishment
  • Easy to clean
  • Price

And, of course, health issues. If there's an allergic person in your house, you should choose the filling, fabric, and other embellishments due to this situation. Durability is also another point if you have pets and kids.

To Sum Up

Most people believe that decorative pillow covers are one of the essential complimentary house decor accessories, unlike the minority (especially men like Steve :D) who think they don't need them. They're not just home decor because they reflect your character, mood, emotions, and style in addition to their other functions. You can change them easily if you like due to season, theme, or just your mood, and create colorful living rooms, safe kid rooms, and stylish patios. Thank God we have them for bringing joy and style to our house.

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