Best Table Runner Ideas

Best Table Runner Ideas to Decorate Your Dining Table

Best Table Runner Ideas - Akasia Home Design and Gift Store

Table Runners are narrow and long tablecloths used to decorate the dining tables. They can be of different shapes, patterns, designs, and textures. 

Do Table Runners Serve a Purpose?

Table runners present aesthetics and provide cover for your table. You can use them to protect the tables on bare tables or in combination with tablecloths.

Table Runner Ideas to Choose the Right One

When you choose a table runner, you should consider the size and color of the table and the tablecloth. Furthermore, the places you use the runner, the type of fabrics of the tablecloth and the runner, and the table runner patterns are also significant.

What Size Table Runner Should You Use on Your Table?

You can decide the size of the table runner depending on how you will place it on the table. For instance, choosing a runner that will cover the middle third of your table will look better if you set it as a table centerpiece. If the table runner is placed horizontally, you should leave some space (about the same width as one plate) between them.

How Should a Table Runner Look on a Table?

Another consideration you should think about when selecting your table runner is how long the table runner will hang off the table. Depending on your home decorating ideas, this can vary between 5 and 15 cm.

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What Fabrics to Choose as Table Runners?

When deciding on the fabric of the table runner you will buy, the question “what fabric is best for table runners” comes to your mind, so you should consider the features of your dining table. For instance, glass and glossy wood tables perfectly match shiny and bright fabrics such as satin, silk, or polyester. Additionally, linen and cotton table runners will fit into your decoration enriched by wood and metal tables.

Table Runner Ideas for Where And When to Use Them?

When the decoration is considered, it is better not to put limits. Still, the table runners look nice and sleek when used as coffee table runners, sideboard table cloths, and dining table decor. Furthermore, table runners will bring an additional flair to your house on various decoration types and occasions.

When using a table runner, you should consider the importance of the day. When you have a family dinner on Christmas, you can create a magnificent view by laying a red tablecloth layered with a linen or burlap table runner placed horizontally. You can also add chic details to your table by putting pine-shaped candles and red napkins on the Christmas table runners. If you like to dress up your dinner table for the whole winter, you can find many different winter table runner patterns.

Another important occasion that gathers the whole family together is Easter, and it also deserves a beautiful dining table. The Easter dining tables filled with tasty foods, delicious meals, and sweet delights can be enriched with Easter table runners with rabbits or floral patterns to match the day’s theme. You can also find table runners with modern table runner patterns if you’re not traditional.  

Similarly, Halloween can be welcome with a dining table, bringing the family members and friends together. You can also use Halloween table runners, which reflect a dark atmosphere, bats, or spiders.

Or, if you live in a farmhouse or your decoration carries the style of a farmhouse, you can prefer checkered, tartan, or striped table runners to match your decoration. Moreover, the farmhouse table runners can look best with pastoral sketches or geometric designs. Also, the macrame, tapestry table runners, and rug table runners will bring a touch of tradition and handcraft to your farmhouse with their neat and nostalgic look, which is enhanced with a rug or floral patterns.

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If you want to use the table runners on spaces apart from the tables, you can choose crochet table runners and quilted table runners, which will add a colorful design to your decoration with their bright colors and busywork.

At weddings, dinner tables are one of the most critical places where the guests spend considerable time. So providing them with a well-dressed table as well as good food is essential. Therefore, table runners are the best decoration accessories for wedding tables.

To add a sleek touch of table runners to your house, wheter for your family house or a reception, you can visit Akasia Design table runner categories.

Some Other Essential Decorations That You Can Use With Table Runners

  1. Tablecloths: It would be a great combination if you prefer a tablecloth well-coordinated with a table runner. Color and pattern, as well as the lengths of both, are the considerations in choosing the right combination.
  2. Do You Use Table Runners and Placemats Together?: You can use tablecloths and placemats together with appropriate designs, patterns, textures, and colors. 

Are Table Runners Out of Fashion?

Definitely not! Your tables are wood or glass, classy or not, expensive or standard... There are numerous types and selections of tables. But after a while, it depends on how frequently you use your table, and they wouldn’t look new. At this point, table runners come to help; furthermore, they allow you to set a creative theme on your table, especially on some occasions. Moreover, they’re aesthetic additions with customized and various designs and can be a centerpiece on your table.

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