Kitchen Hand Towels: Not Just For Hand Drying!

There’re many tools in your kitchen to ease your life, but kitchen towels stand out with their functional and decorative features. Kitchen towels have different types like dish towels, tea towels, chef towels, and kitchen hand towels. Even though they’re all kitchen towels, all of them have specific uses. Kitchen towels can be used to dry dishes, clean off the cutting boards, wipe up spills, dry hands, and hold too hot or cold items, but they shouldn’t be used interchangeably.

Lemon Kitchen Hand Towels - Akasia Home Design

Kitchen hand towels are not just for drying but also decorative accessories. You can also use them as a gym hand towel or hair drying towel because they’re good absorbent, soft, and durable. But if you use kitchen towels for these purposes, you shouldn’t let them in the kitchen for sanitation concerns.

What Fabrics Are Used in Kitchen Hand Towels

Kitchen hand towels are mostly cotton, but you can also have different fabrics like a mixture of cotton and polyester. Terry cloth, linen, polyester, and microfiber are other types of fabrics used in the production. These kitchen hand towels are often hypoallergenic and skin-friendly.

Kitchen Hand Towels Sizes

You can find kitchen hand towels in various sizes, but the most popular one is rectangular shape with 16x24 inches (40x60 cm.)

Coffee Themed Kitchen Hand Towels - Akasia Home Design

Kitchen Hand Towels Patterns and Designs

Kitchen hand towels’ one side is pure white, and the other side is digitally printed with various patterns and designs.

  1. Floral Hand Towels: These kitchen hand towels bring the spring and summer to your kitchen with colorful plants and flowers patterns. 
  1. Lemon Hand Towels: Lemon and Mandarin kitchen hand towels look great with their yellow colors reminiscent of summer and bring joy to your kitchen. 
  1. Nautical Hand Towels: You can bring the oceanic blue color to your house with these kitchen hand towels that are designed with various sea animals and other nautical patterns. 
  1. Coffe Hand Towels: Coffee hand towels are a great choice for coffee-addicted people. You can have a decorative rectangle coffee-themed kitchen towel with a cup of coffee, coffee beans, and coffee writings. 
  1. Winter & Christmas Hand Towels: Christmas hand towels and winter hand towels are the aesthetic and stylish touch to your kitchen, the busiest place during Christmas and winter. 
  1. Decorative Hand Towels: You can refresh your kitchen aura and reflect your mood with decorative hand towels. Animals, fruits, flowers, kitchen utensils, cooking-themed decorative kitchen towels bring joy to your house. 
  1. Fall and Halloween Hand Towels: Fall is the favorite season for many people because it includes many special days like Thanksgiving and Halloween. Many people spend special times with their kids and other loved ones in the kitchen. With fall and Halloween hand towels, you can turn your kitchen into a special-themed place.Kitchen Hand Towels, Halloween Hand Towels, Pumpkin Hand Towels - Akasia Home Design

Where Should You Put Kitchen Hand Towels in Your Kitchen?

Sanitation is the primary concern in the kitchen. As far as you don’t use the kitchen hand towel just for decoration, you should keep them as close as to your sink in order to reach them easily after washing hands. You can use magnetic hooks, bar holders, inside a close cabinet, over the door bar holder, or a towel clip to hang them. 

Can You Use a Hand Towel To Dry Dishes?

The answer is NO because it can cause cross-contamination and make you sick. If you use the kitchen hand towel to dry the dishes after drying your hands, foodborne illness may occur. You shouldn’t also use the kitchen hand towel to clean or dry any food like raw meat and dirty sink.Kitchen Hand Towels, Thanksiving Hand Towels, Turkey Hand Towels - Akasia Home Design

How To Keep Kitchen Towels Clean?

A kitchen is a busy place, and the kitchen hand towels are being used frequently while cooking, washing, or cleaning. The most important point is keeping kitchen hand towels dry. If they remain wet, it can cause a bad odor. You can wash them as prescribed in their labels - mostly at 86°F (30°C) -. Soaking in warm water with vinegar is also a quick solution to get rid of that disturbing odor. You can also throw them in the tumble dryer on low and iron as needed.

To Sum Up

There are many kinds of kitchen towels with their specific porpuses, which aren’t interchangeable. Kitchen hand towels can be used to dry hands and as decorative accessories. There’re various patterns and designs that you can choose from, like special-themed or seasonal, and you can find these kitchen towels in certain sizes and rectangular shapes.

You should keep them close to your sink to reach them easily after washing your hands, and you should also keep them dry to prevent foul odors. You can easily clean these hand towels but follow the label directions for long-term use even though they’re durable. Having a variety of kitchen hand towels in your home brings you convenience, comfort, and aesthetics, both for your kitchen decoration and for drying your hands gently.

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