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How to Use a Decorative Throw Pillow Effectively in Decoration?

The use of decorative throw pillows in decoration is often thought of as an insignificant little detail. However, when the throw pillows are used effectively, the whole atmosphere of the room changes, and a more beautiful view emerges. To benefit from the decorative throw pillows functionally and visually, they are generally preferred in living rooms. However, a different and stylish image can be created in bedroom decoration.

How To Decorate With Throw Pillows?

Using Decorative Throw Pillows In Home Decoration

Decorative throw pillows greatly influence how your living space will look. That's why we have compiled the essential points to consider when choosing a decorative throw pillow for you in this article.

1. Organise Decorative Throw Pillows To Reflect Your Style

Decorative Throw Pillows on Sofa

You can better reflect your style by placing the decorative throw pillows  following the general decoration of the room. For this reason, when choosing a throw pillow, you should decide by considering the style and color of the furniture you will use, including the carpet and even the curtain.

If you can not give up a traditional look, you can get the look you want by choosing the classic pillow design. The classic arrangement of pillows is usually achieved by placing one pillow of the same color and size at the end of the seat. In rooms with modern decoration, you can use the desired amount and variety of decorative throw pillows together. For example, you can place a circle-shaped one in the middle of the seat and square-shaped on the edges.

Outdoor Decorative Throw Pillows

If it is to be used for plain furniture, you can choose a patterned throw pillow model in contrasting colors or in which these colors are dominant. Pillows of the same color as the furniture can create a less effective and monotonous look. For patterned furniture, plain colored throw pillows are the right choice. In addition, the fact that the seat and pillows are in different fabrics creates a more striking appearance.

2. Make A Selection According To The Application Area

To make throw pillows effective in decoration, you must first complete the right choice. The most crucial factor that will affect our pillow selection will be your application area.

Throw Pillow For Gray Couch

As you know, decorative pillows can be used in living areas such as the living room and hall and the bedroom. In parts of the house, such as the living room or hall, you can decorate by paying attention to the harmony with the other items in the room. However, functional features are as crucial as visuality in such environments where time is spent for a long time.

In the bedroom, such decorative throw pillows are generally used only for visual purposes, while they can also be used to support the back or waist in sitting areas. For this reason, while full and hard throw pillows are preferred in living areas, soft ones can be selected in bedrooms.

In addition, it is necessary to use fewer and smaller decorative throw pillows to provide a spacious appearance in small areas.

3. Add Vitality With Colors

If you are using a simple and single-color sofa set and your decorative throw pillow selection favors the same colors, a stifling image may emerge. For this reason, it would be a better decision to choose throw pillows with colors that will contrast with the sofa set.

Decorative Throw Pillows On Couch

You can choose dark-colored decorative throw pillow models to add vitality to the environment, especially in the room decoration of light colors such as white. If you use many throw pillows in decoration, they do not need to be all the same color. The combination of colored throw pillows creates a very modern look. You can also choose patterned throw pillows in decoration with single-color carpets and furniture. You can also make the environment more attractive by using patterned and monochrome throw pillows together. For furniture with several colors together, you can specify the throw pillow color as any of these colors.

4. Make Use Of Contrasts For A Modern Look

Decorative throw pillows are generally preferred in the same size and square shape. However, in recent years, rectangular and circular ones have also become very popular. When choosing the form of the decorative throw pillows you will use, you may need to decide according to where they will be used. While rectangular throw pillows are generally used in bedrooms, square shape is preferred in living areas. Of course, apart from this, there are also different types of choices, such as round or cylindrical. Especially for those who want to create a modern look in the environment, it would be ideal to use decorative throw pillows of different shapes and sizes together. In addition, it is essential to choose the appropriate size of furniture.

5. Consider To Use Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

You can achieve the desired effect by simply changing the covers of the throw pillows that you intend to renew or replace. You can get a new look with decorative throw pillow covers that you can find according to your preferred decoration style in your living space or that you can sew yourself from different fabrics. In addition, you can use decorative throw pillow covers designed for this day on your pillows on special occasions that have a theme of their own, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, or Halloween, etc. You can find hundreds of throw pillow cover models compatible with your decoration at Akasia Design.

Christmas Throw Pillow CoverValentine Throw Pillow Cover

How Should Decorative Throw Pillows Be Placed?

Above, we have explained what you should pay attention to when choosing a decorative throw pillow. Now it's time to pay attention to how you place them. The correct placement of the decorative throw pillows of different colors and textures is crucial for a beautiful appearance. Here are some placement suggestions:

  • The use of decorative throw pillows of the same color and pattern on each seat should be limited. Different colors and patterns in rhythmic texture should be brought together.
  • When placing the throw pillows, you can put the largest ones first to the left and the right. Then you can set them from outside to inside to reduce the size according to their harmony.
  • Since decorative throw pillows with the exact symmetry can create a dull look, you can choose one with a harmonious but different texture and symmetry.
• Since the filling pillows and polyesters will be more comfortable in the seating areas, they will be more functional and create a more beautiful visual appearance with their fuller appearance.

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