Akasia Design: Experience in the Industry, Safe Shopping, and Top-Notch Products

Akasia Design's journey started on Etsy by selling handmade products, including napkin rings, front door wreaths, embroidered jewelry, and hoops in 2001. Just in a short time, the founders of Akasia Design, a dedicated couple, established a solid and reliable brand.

After having achievements, particularly in these handmade items, Akasia Design enlarged its product line with cushion covers, home and table decor items, kitchen & bath decor products, handmade products, wall decor accessories, home textile products, and some wooden art items, and become star seller many times on Etsy.

In these categories, especially cushion covers have become the Company's most well-known product. Besides cushion covers, Akasia Design added many table runners, table cloths, placemats, kitchen hand towels, kitchen and bath floor mats, napkin rings, custom jewelry, woven purses, embroidered gifts, front door wreaths, Christmas ornaments, gift boxes, wooden fabric wall tapestries, and fabric tote bags with unique designs and patterns including authentic Turkish and Mediterranean motives.

Now, Akasia Design has become a global company by owning companies in the United States, United Kingdom, and Turkey, where its manufacturing base is located. These companies connect Akasia Design's distinguished customers and establish solid worldwide consumer-to-business (C2B) and business-to-business (B2B) connections.

Akasia Design's Understanding of Quality

Akasia Design uses the finest materials and stunning designs to create the best home decore products and bring joy to your house. The Company's quality line of products symbolizes the care, creativity, inspiration, and respect for the handcraft. And each product also represents what we love about the colorful world we live in.

Why Akasia Design?

  • Every customer has unique, so every order reflects their lifestyle and home decor preference. Akasia Design supports you to touch your dreams and impresses you with thousands of custom products.
  • Outstanding customers service
  • Creative and unique designs
  • High-quality materials
  • Stylish products
  • Unbeatable fast shipping time
  • Custom size and patterns
  • Wholesale is available for all products
  • So many varieties in each category

Akasia Design Product of Line

  1. Cushion Covers: Akasia Design's cushion cover options created with aesthetic designs stand out as products that are taken care of in terms of pleasing the eye and completing the decoration of the places where they are located.
  2. Table Cloths: Decorative tablecloths are an elegant and high-quality choicefor dining and kitchen tables. They have a special place with their colorful images and printing technologies.
  3. Table Runners: Table runners are narrow and long but nice-looking and sleek table clothes for decorating the dining tables.
  4. Placemats: Placemats can protect and improve the dining table with a stylish touch and contribute to your home's overall look and feel.
  5. Kitchen Hand Towels: Kitchen hand towelsare perfect for drying hands and cleaning the mess on the counters, but they are also excellent kitchen decor products for your house. 
  6. Floormats: Akasia Design's kitchen and bath floormats are non-slip woven base home textile products that are stain-resistant, don't collect lint, and don't fade due to washing and use.
  7. Handmade Products Selection: The Company offers customized handmade products in different home decoration, jewelry, and personal belonging categories.
  8. Wall Decors: Wall decoration items change the aura of the place and add color, bringing dimension. Akasia Design presents fabric wall tapestries and digitally printed retro posters for your house decors.
  9. Wooden Products: Akasia Design offers customized wooden products from handmade painted accessories and wooden toys to kid's room name signs.
  10. Fabric Tote Bags: Akasia Design's fabric tote bags made of organic and non-harmful materials are a good option with their stylish looking.

Akasia Design Growth

After starting from scratch, Akasia Design has grown every day with its custom and quality products and fast shipping policy with experience of more than 20 years. Therefore, the Company's efforts and achievements are valued, and the demand for products increased. As a result, thousands of reviews reflect customer satisfaction and Akasia Design's reliability.

Apart from customers, Akasia Design also drew attention in the digital world and B2B area. Mr. Gerçeksever was invited to Turkey's comprehensive e-commerce fair, WORLD ECOM EXPO B2B 2022, in Antalya, Turkey, in March 2022 for the success of Akasia Design.

Just in March 2022, The Company started to conduct wholesale operations without compromising its values and opened new opportunities to the interior architects, designers, and decorators.


It is not about placing fancy things in the places you find empty in the house when it comes to home decoration. All the items you place reflect your style and mood and add a spirit to your paradise. With this handmade jewelry, if you like simplicity, you can also keep your elegance by following the fashion, or you can be remarkable if you want to be stylish.

E-commerce and e-export are the most competitive areas of the world economy in recent years, and home decoration and gifts are also challenging markets of e-commerce. Akasia Design's first goal is to be one of the leading companies in these fields with proactive steps.

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