25 Halloween Kitchen Decor Ideas

Halloween is the time when you can be as goofy as you want to be. From trick or treating to scary houses, it is one of those times you want to enjoy yourself. Everything from your costumes to your home can represent that the time is now Halloween.

Especially for your home, the kitchen is among the top rooms where you want to decorate as best as possible. You can make your kitchen scary and amusing with little Halloween kitchen decor. There are many options, from spiders to skeletons and even DIY pumpkin heads.

Your decors will also show your imagination and creativity and create the ambiance you have been looking for. You can also change your kitchenware to make the Halloween spirit shine! So, here are some of the best Halloween Kitchen decor ideas:

1-     Halloween-themed Kitchen Towels

Halloween Kitchen Towel

Even though they are not always visible, kitchen towels surely have a finger in the pie. From Autumn Mushrooms to Checkered Pumpkin, there are so many options for hand towels in Akasia.

2-     Uncanny Crow Wreaths

halloween crow wreath

Even though they are usually for the house's main door, you can also use them on your kitchen door. They surely will make your kitchen seem like a scary laboratory!

3-     Glue-Magnet Plastic Spiders

Showing Magnet Plastic Spiders

Your refrigerator will most likely take up a lot of space in your kitchen. So, decorating them with a spider will make your kitchen even scarier! You can also use them on your dishwashers and stoves as well.

4-     Halloween-themed Kitchen Aprons

Halloween Themed Kitchen Aprons

You should also be in the mood while preparing dinner or setting the table because Halloween comes only once per year. You would want to feel and show it as much as possible.

5-     Placemats and Table runners

Your chairs and tables also need a Halloween-themed cover on them. You can either surprise or scare your guests with the Halloween table runners you choose. From scary to cute pumpkin ones, there are many Halloween placemat options for you in Akasiadesign!

Halloween Table Runner & Placemats

6-     The Halloween Skulls

skull with halloween attributes

One of the things that easily make Halloween come to mind in people’s minds is the skulls. If a decoration does not have any skulls in it, how will it be spooky and scary? Furthermore, you can hide them on shelves and kitchen cabinets to scare your guests!

7-     Trick-or-Treat Boards

trick or treat boards

All you need to create a gathering area for children is to write ‘’Trick-or-Treat’’ with a chalkboard on a wall or board. That area will be the main reason for children to visit your kitchen and they will be amused with the decorations!  

8-     Halloween-themed Trays


While serving the snacks for the Halloween party, you can show off with your trays. With tiny pumpkins and spooky napkins, make your tray the best for Halloween. However, you can select an orange-colored rack to enhance the feeling of your tray rack.

9-     The Statues


The statues are a must for your kitchen and don’t need to be too large. Place some spooky guests onto your kitchen island or on top of the shelves to make your guests feel like they are being watched.

10-  The Spooky Spoons

The Spooky Spoons

You can draw spooky faces on your spoons and make them look like tiny creatures living in your kitchen. You can make your kitchen cuter than ever with a bit of color variation and bandage.

11-  Apothecary


Create an apothecary for your ‘’laboratory’’ and fill it with mixed potions. You can even label them as curses to scare your guests! It is an excellent choice if your kitchen has shelves waiting to be covered with a Halloween theme!

12-  Skeletons

Skeleton on the kitchen countertop

Skulls are one of the best Halloween kitchen decors, but what about skeletons? Place a skeleton with a spooky apron to amuse your guests in your kitchen and make them think the skeleton is the chef!

13-  Bats On the Ceiling

Black bats hanging from the kitchen ceiling

Place bats on your kitchen ceiling to feel like you are in a horror movie! Especially at night when the lights are on, their shadows will create the ambiance you have been looking for on Halloween.

14-  Cover your Windows

Halloween Window Stickers

You must cover your windows with witches or creatures if you want to fully decor your kitchen. Also, they are easy to make and do not require much work. Just buy black cardboard or paper and cut it the way you want!

15-  Ghost Lights


What about the light themselves? Transform them into ghosts and scare your guests when the lights get turned on! You can even do it yourself; you need to put white sheets over your lamps and add spooky eyes to them.

16-  Kitchen Curtains

Halloween Themed Kitchen Curtain

What about the curtains? Clip some creepy worn-off clothes or tattered paper onto the kitchen curtain rods and hide your kitchen from the outside! They can make your kitchen seem more mysterious and look great.

17-  Paintings


You can change your kitchen paintings with weird ones. There are creepy paintings with eyes following the viewer, so they are one of the better Halloween kitchen décors out there. All you need is to buy them and hang them on your wall.

18-  Candlesticks

Halloween Candlestick

Replace your candlesticks with different types, such as wine bottles and pumpkin-covered ones! Especially if you paint them black or dark orange, they will create an uncanny feeling on your table. They are easy to make because you can make them out of used bottles.

19-  Cut-throat Shelves

What if your open shelves are full of spider webs and skulls? You can easily transform your normal shelves with creepy Halloween decorations. You can use bandages as smog or even cover them with spider webs. Then you can place skulls and pumpkins with spooky faces.

20-  Dinner Plates

Halloween Themed Plates

You have decorated your curtain, island, and shelves, but what about your dinner plates? You can scare your guests with creepy dinner plates with skulls.

21-  Pumpkin Candy Dispenser

Pumpkin Candy Dispenser

You can use a pumpkin as a candy dispenser; all you need to do is clean its inside and place it somewhere the kids can see. You can also carve creepy mouths as if you are putting your hand in danger to get some candies!

22-  Halloween-themed Bowls

Halloween-themed Bowls

Everything from the dinner plates to spoons to knives is Halloween-themed; why not the bowls themselves too? Imagine serving the dishes with a cute gigantic pumpkin bowl; it would surprise your guests!

23-  Kitchen Mats


Your kitchen floor also needs some Halloween-themed decorations, and kitchen rugs are one of them. You can use spider-themed or ghost-themed mats to create the best floor for your kitchen!

24-  Halloween Signs

Halloween Kitchen Signs

You can write anything you want and glue it to the wall. Depending on what you write, it will undoubtedly create the feeling you want it to make. You can even use italic letters to make your sign look more aesthetic.

25-  Skull Knife Holders

Skull Knife Holders

What if you replace your knife holder with a skull with gaps? You can scare your guests with a good plan, and these knife holders will provide the ambiance you want for your kitchen.

Halloween Decorations for Your House

As you have seen from the vast amount of Halloween kitchen décor ideas, you can make your kitchen the best for Halloween. For your house, however, that number skyrockets for various reasons. Your home is bigger; there are more rooms and options for Halloween decorations.

Some of the most used Halloween decorations for your house are statues for your front garden, a Halloween tree, and changing your chandeliers with a Halloween-themed one. But there are so many different options that can also show the spirit of Halloween.

Halloween makes the children have fun while also making the parents relive their childhood once a year. Decorations and costumes are a must for Halloween to show its importance and spirit. With these Halloween kitchen decor ideas, you can make the best Halloween kitchen you want.

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