Round Rugs

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    175 products

    Round Rug Models in Novelty and Practicality

    Round Rugs are one of the most important ornaments of the house and the most aesthetic parts of beautifying the environment. Oval or round, these rug types are suitable for use in all areas of the house. Non-slip round rug models are widely used today because they are minimal and functional. Their non-angular shape creates a warm and soft appearance in the environment where they are used. Therefore, you can find many models suitable for your style and the general atmosphere of the house, regardless of whether it is modern, classic, or authentic.

    Round rugs are made of shiny velvet. It consists of non-slip soles, and the most beautiful and practical part is that they can be washed at 86°F (30°C.) They do not quickly deteriorate and fade because of washing and using. Besides being used frequently in your home's living room and kitchen, non-slip round rugs are very convenient in bathrooms, balconies, and floors.

    Round Rug Models and Patterns

    Non-slip round rugs are produced with 3D digital printing technology in BSCI-certified facilities using the latest technology. Accordingly, non-slip round rugs have a quality that warms the people who see them with their clear appearance and useful structure. Contrary to simple, classic, and stylish designs, there are also colorful and flashy models.

    Round patterned, digitally printed decorative rugs, which can be easily combined with the general color harmony of your furniture and home, are designed for those who follow home fashion closely.

    Most Popular Non-slip Round Rugs Models

    There are many non-slip round rug models, but the most popular ones;

    • Round Woven Rug
    • Floral Round Rug
    • Round Navy Rug
    • Round Flower Rug
    • Geometric Round Rug
    • Round Coastal Rugs
    • IKAT Design Non-Slip Round Rug
    • Marble Pattern Blue Gold Gray Round Rug
    • Ethnic Geometric Non-Slip Round Rug

    As non-slip round rugs are stylish, functional, and harmonious, they also give the environment a feeling of a calm atmosphere due to their thin and moderate thickness.

    Round Carpet Prices and Features

    It is possible to buy round rug models as a set. At the same time, round rug prices have a different and affordable fee that everyone can have. The difference usually depends on the size and quality of the rug. 

    Round rugs are also very popular with their non-slip base feature and effortless use, such as being easily machine washable.

    Their primary features:

    • Look great displayed with other IKAT design/seamless/geometric home/office decors.
    • Made of shiny velvet fabric.
    • 4" (10mm) thickness. (0.24" (6 mm) non-slip woven base and 0.16" (4 mm) sponge)
    • Do not collect lint and stain-resistant.
    • Do not fade due to washing and use.
    • Have international certificate OEKO-TEX® -Standard 100.
    • Suitable for daily use.
    • Do not contain any chemicals harmful to human and animal health. Have no carcinogenic effect.
    • Do not take up a lot of space when folded

    Round Rug Sizes

    Round rug sizes also offer options that can be adjusted according to the size of your home.

    Diameter measures app.;

    • 24x24 inches (60x60 cm) round
    • 32x32 inches (80x80 cm) round
    • 36x36 inches (90x90 cm) round
    • 40x40 inches (100x100 cm) round
    • 48x48 inches (120x120 cm) round
    • 60x60 inches (150x150 cm) round
    • 72x72 inches (180x180 cm) round



    You may own a round rug and bring innovation to your home. You can choose trend colors and patterns among various round rugs and display them in your home with pleasure. In an environment where you have non-slip round rugs, you can crown your justified happiness with the joy of drinking coffee and tea. Akasia Home Design offers many modern designs, patterns, and alternative colors to embellish your house. There is certainly a round rug model and price suitable for every budget and desire.