Small Living Room Decoration Ideas

Are you thinking about how the small living room decoration should be but can't get out of it? You are not alone. In today's modern life order, many people prefer to live alone or in small families.

The biggest problem of tiny-sized houses, which are pretty common, is that they can become quite suffocating and narrow when decorated incorrectly.

Especially the living rooms, where families and guests sit and chat for hours in front of the TV, are the main rooms that need to be taken care of when decorating narrow flats.

So, how to decorate a small living room, and what are the tricks of choosing furniture in small living rooms?

As Akasia Home Design, the address of stylish home decor, we share with you the most practical ideas for small living room decoration in this article.

Small Living Room

How Should Furniture Be Selected in Small Living Rooms?

The most critical point for small living room decoration is the proper furniture selection. First of all, you can choose the seats that will occupy a large part of the small living room. When selecting a sofa for tiny houses, you should turn to smaller corner sofa sets instead of a multi-piece and large sofa set that takes up too much space.

Apart from the seat selection, you should avoid large furniture as much as possible when choosing other furniture. The more open the floor is, the more spacious the impression will be, so you should prefer furniture with legs.

When decorating the L-Type small living room, you can use carpets to separate the dining area from the sitting area. By placing a rug in the living area and a rug in the dining table area, you emphasize the difference between these two areas without the need for a wall.

If you want to use a coffee table for small living rooms, you can choose multifunctional coffee tables with storage compartments or use a glass coffee table. Even in small spaces, it is safe to say that items with transparent, shiny, and reflective surfaces are always your friend.

Small Living Room Decoration Ideas

More Spacious Living Rooms with Light Colors

When decorating a small living room, you should use the actual effect of colors in living spaces to your advantage. While light colors create the impression of a spacious and wide area, dark tones reduce the impact of daylight entering and make a narrower appearance. Therefore, you can choose bright and light colors on furniture, floors, and walls to create a sense of depth for light tones. If you have trouble combining colors, you can paint your walls white, a heartwarming color. The white color, which can distribute the light effectively, can also easily blend with other colors.

Small living room TV unit

Choose a Useful Tv Unit

The most distinguishing feature of every living room, big or small, is the television. Although televisions are pretty thin and can be mounted on the wall, TV units can be preferred in storage space and aesthetic appearance.

When designing a small living room, you can choose your TV unit in favor of thinner ones and those with wall-mounted parts. Shelf TV units can be used to display accessories and as a bookcase when necessary.

Space Saving with Wall Decor

You can place various decorative accessories, candles, frames, pictures, Fabric Wall Tapestries, etc., on the shelves you will mount on the walls to enrich the

Fabric Wall Tapestry

decoration and reflect your style in small living rooms. It is essential for the general harmony that all these accessories are compatible with the colors of your living room.

Create Wide Area Impression with Floor and Wall Tricks

Visually, the size of a room is determined by where the floor meets the walls. It is possible to make the walls appear longer than create ample space in small living room decoration. For this, you can use the following several visual games.

  • Prefer curtains that extend from the ceiling to the floor.
  • Using a wallpaper that creates a sense of depth.
  • The floor of the rooms adjacent to the living room should be the same as the floor or carpet of the living room so that the visual flow continues and the living room gives the impression of being more prominent.
  • By mounting shelves that extend to the ceiling, you can draw the gaze upwards and create the perception of length.

Bring All the Attention to One Focal Point

If the thing that attracts attention at first glance to your living room is its small size, changing this situation is not as difficult as it seems. You can gather the attention at this point by determining an emphasis or focal point in the living room. Bold touches can be made in decoration for passion.

TableclothDecorative PillowcaseTable Runner & Placemat

For example, you can use high-quality decorative pillow covers from Akasia Home Design to match your current living room decoration, or you can stick thick patterned wallpaper on a wall. You can also create a different atmosphere in your living room by using Tablecloths, Table Runners, and Placemats with hundreds of different pattern options on the dining table. A different design of furniture from the living room set can also be used. For example, if your living room is dominated by modern furniture, if you choose classic style furniture, the classic one will attract attention.

Similarly, assertive pieces with original style serve the same function. It can be an ostentatious chandelier or an avant-garde object.

Small Space Mirror

Illusion Game with Mirrors

You can create an optical illusion by using mirrors in small living room decorations. The most effective method to make narrow spaces appear wider is a mirror.

Decorative mirror models with frames in different styles will be functional to create depth and aesthetics.

Mirrors reflecting the light coming from the window also help you use daylight efficiently and create a spacious environment.

Carpet and Floor Covering

Another suggestion on how the small living room decoration should be is to choose light colors for carpets and floor coverings. Whether it's parquet, epoxy flooring, carpet, or any other coating, the important thing is to turn to light tones.

When choosing carpets for small living rooms, you should not forget that uncomplicated and straightforward patterns will make the room look more spacious.

Moreover, easy-to-clean carpets are the most advantageous for you, as minor accidents are common in narrow spaces.

Daylight in living room

Make the Most of Daylight

Maximizing light penetration into the interior can make interiors appear airier and larger. Therefore, when decorating a small living room, you should try not to block your windows with items.

Of course, this is very difficult in a narrow space, but even if you are going to put things in front of it, you can place furniture that does not reach the glass part of the window or covers very little.

For example, an armchair or a dining table could take up exactly where the window starts. In addition, you should choose your curtain selection so that daylight can easily enter inside.

More miniature Furniture, More Functions

Let the minimalism trend be your guide when decorating small spaces. In this trend, decoration is made with the logic of multi-functionality with fewer items.

Before buying the furniture for use in small living rooms, prepare a plan in your mind in advance. Identify the items you need and think about placing them in the living room.

Today, furniture with multiple functions is produced. Therefore, the best choice for you will be this multifunctional furniture. For example, you can turn to sofa beds and chests, a coffee table with drawers and storage compartments, and if you buy a pouf, you can still go for the one with a storage compartment.

In addition, you can choose simpler, understated furniture to avoid a complex and messy look in your living room.

Don't Miss the Lighting Selection

We have mentioned several times that light is critical in narrow spaces. You should ensure that your living room is adequately lit for the same reason. While providing this, your chandeliers must be more straightforward and more pleasant. Since modern ceiling lighting meets these features, it will not be challenging to find ceiling lighting that fits your criteria.

We have come to the end of the small living room decoration ideas we have brought together for you. We are sure you will come up with fantastic interior designs by taking these suggestions into account. Small details will be shaped entirely according to your taste.

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